We Knew That “13 Reasons Why” Will Surely Return With Season 2 – Here’s Why!

Netflix has just announced the renewal of its one of the hit shows “13 Reasons Why” and the fans already can’t wait for it.

Since people were quite confused by the ending of its season 1 because its parent novel had a very different ending than the show, which made its fan indecisive about expecting season 2, but we knew that something was up and the show actually didn’t end where it was shown ‘finished’. Here are some predictions about what’s gonna happen in Season 2 of ’13 Reasons Why’, based on the ending of season 1.

But before that, if you’re new to the show, let us give you a quick know-how about this recent Netflix sensation.

If you ask in one word, the show is all about “high school bullying” – its victims, and how do they deal with all that stuff going in their lives. But in ’13 Reasons why’, the entire issue has been highlighted by using some controversial components that gathered as much critics as the show as a whole did with the appreciations.

The show revolves around a 17 year old dead girl Hannah Baker and her cassette tapes that she left behind for people in her life who became the reason of her suicide. Also, her guy friend Clay Jensen who tries to figure out the entire scene by listening to the tapes one by one and finding out why is he into the tapes when he did absolutely nothing wrong to Hannah.

But if you’re really new to the show and haven’t seen season 1 yet, We’ll have to stop you right here because Spoilers ahead!


In the book, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the story ends with Clay Jensen done with the tapes, passes it on to the next person, and next day notices a girl who looked disturbed, reaches out to her and tries to be friend and frank, which shows that he learnt his lesson and he doesn’t want that girl or any other person to suffer like Hannah did.

Contrary to that,  season one of 13 reasons why had a suspense ending which left its fan intrigued. So based on the ending we have come up with these theories about what’s expected in the upcoming season.


The finale of season one shocked all when it was revealed that Alex has shot himself in the head and is now in a very critical condition. Alex might have done suicide out of his misery and guilt. But since the scene in which the ambulance carrying the injured didn’t show his face really, we can’t exactly tell if it was really Alex or some other dude.

There are possibilities that it wasn’t Alex in the ambulance, because… The hair of the guy in the ambulance look dark brown, whereas Alex has blonde hair.

But may be the blood from his head turned the color of his hair brown and It was really Alex, but again we can’t possibly assure ourselves if it was really Alex or somebody else, because… Justin was also seen totally disturbed when he leaves home with his backpack, which also carries a gun and goes to confront Bryce. He doesn’t hurt him, just goes good-bye-forever on him. As we see Justin suffering from the guilt of getting his girlfriend Jessica in trouble, we guess that the guy who shot himself could be Justin. (He got brown hair, no?). And if it was really Alex..


The most circulated theory on social media about Alex’s suicide was related to Tyler, the photographer. It was said that Alex didn’t suicide but Tyler killed him. As Tyler was seen collecting guns and bullets in a tank, and that he himself went through bullying in school, he might have decided to take revenge on behalf of Hannah. People who support this theory link it with the scene where Tyler is taking down the image of Alex from the series of pictures he had hung up in which all the tapes-people are included, except of course the Tyler himself.

For a moment, this theory might give you an easy way out of all the confusion the ending created, but we’re afraid this theory isn’t as strong as you think it is, here’s why..

Tyler might have plans about killing everyone who bullied him in the school but Alex would be the last guy he’d think about hurting because in the recent memory of Alex Tyler had, is about Alex confronting Montgomery who is often seen bullying Tyler down.

And Tyler revives that memory right before he takes down Alex picture, which exactly tells how he can’t and will not hurt Alex in any way. But that doesn’t free Tyler from the suspicion on him being an evil character in the next season.


Major Spoiler Alert! 

Now the super villain of the show Bryce, the Rapist is still free but not for long as the ending shows that Hannah’s parents have now gotten the tapes from Tony and soon Mr. Porter will listen all the tapes too. Not to forget that Clay has also added the 14th tape which has Bryce’s confession about raping Hannah.

So Bryce will surely be facing the consequences of his actions, from the first episode of the 13 Reasons Why Season two ‘Hopefully’. But we aren’t sure that he will end up in Jail easily or his rich parents will find a way out for their son.

But Bryce’s escape is pretty much impossible because he didn’t just ruin Hannah’s life but also Jessica’s, Hannah’s friend. In the ending of season one, Jess informs his father, who’s a military man, about her rape. Jess’s father once said that he’ll do anything to keep her daughter safe, which assures us that he wouldn’t let Bryce escape at all, and Justin will have to face the consequences too for what he did with Jess.


As a lot of people are expecting now that the next season will start with Bryce’s trial, we think that the show could rather have a very shocking start; Bryce’s Death! 

There are possibilities that the guy who was shot in the head was not Alex or Justin, but Bryce. When Jess tells her father about her rape, her father could have shot Bryce in anger, as he had a gun too, coming from his Military profession. OR chances are that Bryce was shot by Tyler or Justin as they both also had guns in their possession. Anyhow, ‘who shot whom’ will be revealed when they’ll find the gun and the guy in the next season of ’13 Reasons Why‘.

Our Thoughts On The Show:

The Book ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ and the show, are about two major social issues, Bullying and the worst, Rape. How a young, energetic and jolly girl ends up committing suicide because she couldn’t take it anymore. It’s a good thought provoking show for all the teenagers – people who bully and people who suffer bullying, both needs to understand that bullying isn’t joking at all. Harsh words are never harmless, they injure mental health which is as important as your physical health is. If someone looks disturbed to you, reach out to him/her and help out and if it is you who’s a bully, fix your faults before it’s too late!

And about the Rape, It’s unforgivable. This show has a lesson for guardians of children too – parents and teachers – they should not let their kids suffer more by not talking about the sexual assault. Build trust and let your children vent out their sufferings in front of you and assure them that you’ll take care of it now. Only then, we’ll be able to overcome these serious social issues; Bullying and Rape.

Let us know what you think about the show ’13 Reasons Why’ and if you have any other theories about what’s gonna happen in season two. Share with us in the comments below. and Be Nice To All! 🙂


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We Knew That “13 Reasons Why” Will Surely Return With Season 2 – Here’s Why!

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