5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media and Why Not?

Posting and sharing everything on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc is what we live for, yeah yeah, We Know! In this global age, it’s almost impossible to keep ‘Life’ private, those who do so are considered introvert anti-social no-fun people and we heck don’t want to be one of those, eh? But do you really think that making your private life go all live online is cool? NO it isn’t! There are some things that should never be posted online if you want your life to be cool and tension-free at the same time.


Wondering what those things are? Here!

# 1 : Too Much Personal Info


Phone numbers, documents pictures, card numbers and other such information that could be used to access your accounts is never a thing to post or share anywhere on social media. Private pictures, videos, moments that you don’t want to be out of your circle, should also be kept private because once something is out on the internet, it can never be entirely removed. So better be careful than regret.

# 2 : Check-ins

The first thing we do when we are out and chilling at some fancy place, is to set check-in on social media, so that we can show off. But what we don’t understand that sometimes it can get us into trouble.


People know where you are chilling at and they can reach you easily on spot. Yeah, you’re not a criminal who needs to hide, but you sure wouldn’t like unwanted visitors.

# 3 : Posts Intended To Make People Envy You

Victories are more fun if they are celebrated with family and friends in real world and not online. Got a great job? Bought a new fancy car? Going on a holiday trip? Try not bragging about it on social media. The wicked jealous people are the worst..


They’ll never be happy be for you. Since not all of your ‘Facebook FRIENDS’ are actually your friends, you need to be careful with what you share with them.

It’s not just about envious people, some people are not privileged like you, not fortunate enough to enjoy the things you are blessed with. Your fancy snaps can make them feel inferior and sad about themselves. How about being a little nice over here? 🙂

# 4 : Embarrassing Pictures

Now you’ll be thinking that it’s going too strict on you. Taking and sharing embarrassing pictures on social media is what we call having good talks and laughs with friends online, right? But sometimes, it can turn out not to be that much fun. Here’s how..

Watched that? The funny picture we intentionally or unintentionally took aren’t supposed to go viral on internet. People become memes and are ridiculed by ruthless Internet. Don’t destroy the peace of yourself and others.

# 5 : Strong Political Or Religious Opinions

We have seen good friends becoming enemies just because their political or religious opinions didn’t match.


People get emotional when they are arguing over issues regarding politics and religion. When you share a radical political or religious opinion, it triggers those who oppose it and they are gonna start a debate with you, that doesn’t end well, most of the time.

Not Just that, your political and religious approach can become a major obstacle in your career as well. People make a perception about your entire personality just by going through your social media account, so whenever you’re about to share anything, keep it in mind that it is representing YOU. So when people say they don’t judge, Don’t believe them!

“Don’t let your beautiful private life get influenced by social media. ENJOY!”

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5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media and Why Not?

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