6 Everyday Use Items You Didn’t Know Expire!

We often associate certain food products with their expiry dates. Take milks and eggs for instance, you would automatically check and see if they are edible. This is same for all other food products like bread and cheese.

However, your daily lifestyle includes some items that have long since expired and you have no clue about them. Read the article below to find out a list of everyday use items that you might want to replace straightaway.

Bedroom Pillows, Think about them. You sleep on pillows every single night. You grab, pull and punch them. Roll them under yourself until you feel comfortable. Don’t you think this rough and tough use can cause the pillow to lose its original shape? When pillows expire, they lose their purpose and cause recurrent pains in your back side and neck. This happens because they start lacking the support they should have. Pillows need to be replaced every three years in the running, otherwise they become cozy home to dust and termites as well.

Underwire Bras: If you use bras, especially underwire bras, you need to toss them out after max nine months of use. Bras begin to lose their shape and support with time. Even if you use an expensive line of bra, overtime it begins to bend over and lose elasticity. Sometimes, you will notice that your bra is becoming too big or too small. At all of these signs, be ready to ditch your bra since it isn’t gonna last forever after all.

Wooden chopping boards, Even after washing properly, wooden chopping boards get mouldy. You can try and give them a good scrub and let them dry in the sun, but even after that the maximum life span of a wooden board is five years. Even wooden spoons for that matter get chipped if you keep them around longer. Five years is the most you should use them and soon consider replacing them.

Hairbrush Regular hairbrushes and multi-purpose brushes, which you use to wash up laundry and household items needs to be changed regularly. Brushes often become clogged with hair, food items and fabric threads. This leads to the building up of bacteria. These brushes also need to be replaced, and in case you are wondering when, its every three months.

Toothbrushes Yeah, we are all aware that everybody is supposed to replace toothbrushes every single month. Yes, but we don’t, even when the bristles of our brushes begin to tear apart, we keep on using them. For hygienic purposes, toothbrushes need to be replaced. Especially if you want to prevent getting sick with germs, cold and flu.

Running shoes or sneakers, Even when you don’t consider yourself a professional or marathon runner, your sneakers need to be exchanged every 12 months. Running shoes have a natural shelf life of one year. After that, with repeated workouts and sweat storage, they become a breeding ground for dust and bacteria.

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6 Everyday Use Items You Didn’t Know Expire!

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