7 Ways to Kick Out Stress After a Long Day

Stress is something which is inevitable. In today’s world, you are jam packed with busy schedules, forever on the run, late for meetings and work. When you are neck deep in carrying out your duties and trying to juggle personal and professional stuff, stress often creeps in without an invite.

Now, it’s better if we don’t let you confuse normal worrying with stress. Getting a bit anxious about things in life is sort of normal. But, if you are regularly feeling trapped in a messy bundle of nerves, waiting to explode at the first sign—it’s about time you meet your stress demons eye to eye.

So, first things first, on days like this, how do you deal with stress when nothing seems to be going your way? Taking yourself away from this situation might require you to follow some simple tactics at the end of a long and rough working day.

Below are 7 ways to kick out stress and say bye-bye to it after a hard day:

1.      Unplug and unwind yourself

Don’t you feel we are too much socially connected to everything and everyone lately? All thanks to those little smartphones in our hands, life seems full of hassle even when we are home.

When you feel beaten up after a hard day, its going to feel great to put all things related to technology aside and relax. A new research team in the UK discovered that constant email notifications trigger an “email pressure,” which is extremely stressful.


So, log off your email accounts, getting emails all day is enough, you don’t need them overnight. Sign out of social media platforms, and if possible, turn off your mobile phone. Remember, your mental health is more important than answering any emails or phone calls. Meditation and Yoga are proved ways to fight stress related symptoms. They will even make you sleep better as both of them are awesome for your brain. Take small baby steps if you are meditating for the first time. Wait and watch it easily replace your workout.

2.      Take a hot bath

Heat is a perfect source of relaxing those tight muscles in your body. Whenever you feel the chills of stress creeping up your spine, curl yourself in a warm, steamy bath. Apart from being relieved, you will be getting cleaned and relaxed in no time.

Afterwards, it will be a hell of a lot easier for you to combat stress by sleeping like a baby boss throughout the night.

3.      Find comfort in music

Its right when they say, “When all words fail, music is the soul’s therapy”.

Relaxing music can be pretty helpful. To fight stress, you must play relaxed, slower songs. Instrumentals will also help a great deal. Every now and then researches reveal that music helps slow down our heart rates and breaths. Music is also a way to lower our blood pressure levels. Listening to songs on your way back home can also be a good way to unwind.

Recently, Natasha Bedingfield has released this upbeat song named “Let GO”! This number can officially stand and win for the top stress-free song this summer. Watch it below and tell us what you think about it.

4.      Eat Bananas

When dealing with stress this one might seem a bit out of line, but trust us—this one right here, is lit af.

When trying to relieve stress, eat a banana and see the difference for yourself. Have someone ever told you, bananas are rich in potassium, which is known to regulate your blood pressure and stress levels. Bananas can be used to get rid of hangovers, constipation, anxiety and depression as well.

Women can also use bananas to battle against those devilish PMS cramps. For best results, its advised by experts to eat two bananas before having a workout session. This assists in packing a punch and sustaining those blood sugar levels.

5.      Explore nature

Various researches conducted over the years tell us that environments have a lot to do with stress. Our habitat is responsible for increasing or decreasing our stress levels.

Exploring nature, using it to your benefits will help you lower your stress at the end of an exhausting day. So, next time you feel like you are giving up to stress, simply take a stroll in a natural setting, or a park. That healthy shot of vitamin N will definitely perk up your mood immediately.

6.      Watch cute and funny videos

It’s a brilliant move to reduce those stressful hormones by simply watching cute and funny videos. Visit ViralVideosLab to find amazing viral videos, including crazy animal videos.

Having a good laugh will do you loads of good. Such videos will lift your spirits and eliminate the stress you have been carrying around all day long.

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7.      Learn some DIY’s

Using the internet, what’s out there that you can’t recreate? Treating your stress with an art and crafts therapy is one way to channel your fatigue into something meaningful. What’s more, you can take your mind off those stressful thoughts and channel your inner creative into designing something you can proudly call your own.

Some people are natural born artists, similarly, there are singers, actors, makeup artists spread all across the world. If you are thinking about your particular talent, its time to stop talking and start doing!

These were some of the things you can check off your stress relief list. Make a different lifestyle for yourself after reading these. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, if you know any more ways to de-stress after a long working day, do let us know.

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7 Ways to Kick Out Stress After a Long Day

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