After Being Fat-Shammed on Their Prom Photos See This Teen Couple’s Epic Reaction

This young high school teen couple’s reaction has proved that body shamming is never okay—no matter at what level it is. When Madison, a HS teen tweeted her pictures with her boyfriend before they were leaving for prom. As it turned out, the pictures soon went viral and everyone loved them, except for one person.

Madison Haulter and Tre Brooker have now been dating for a year. Both of them are seniors and thanks to their amazing love chemistry, they are now internet famous. Enrolled in Pike High School, they had their first anniversary recently on the 23rd of April.

From her home in Indianapolis, IN, Madison was excited for the upcoming prom, which was set for April 29th. On impulse, she bought a cute pink dress online from a place called Baby Online Dress, without giving a second thought to her body shape.

“When I ordered the dress online, I wasn’t even thinking, ‘What will other people think of this? Will I stand out?’” Madison explained while giving an interview to FOX59.

Nevertheless, the duo went ahead and took lots of pictures before attending their high school prom night. Before the dance, Madison uploaded her pictures on twitter and everyone was complimenting them saying they were redefining the #CoupleGoals through tweets.

The pink sequin dress was long sleeved, and it flowed all the way the floor as shown in the pictures she uploaded. The shots were taken in perfect lights and was complete with both of them giving sassy poses.

Later that night, when she got home, she got a shock at some people making fun of her size and fat. One particular girl on twitter, @BeSafeThough was being sour saying, “Wow he loves you even though you’re fat 🙁 mbn.”

Posting a screenshot of this girl’s tweet Madison shut her down with this message, “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.”

As if this tweet wasn’t shameful enough for the haters, Madison’s boyfriend, Tre, came up with this epic reaction shutting down all the haters once and for all:

Woahhhh folks, this amazing man right here is gonna go places with her girl.
Ever since then, tweets came flooding in giving both Madison and Tre the love and support they truly deserve.

A girl came out saying, “LOVE the dress, LOVE how you slayed the dress and got some people mad, and LOVE the way he looks at you.”
Don’t we all just love this side of twitter? Everyone has come together trying to make Madison feel as amazing and as beautiful as she should feel.
Overwhelmed with the love and support Madison is feeling, she posted a note on May 1st saying

“No matter what you do, someone will always hate on you. Use negativity as positive energy, Spread LOVE not HATE”.
“This is the craziest thing ever. I never expected this to happen. I just thought my friends would reply and that’s it.” She further explained to Fox59.
With all the love surrounding them on twitter, some social media users are saying that Brooker is overly soft. A quality that is not very attractive in most “cool dudes”. As a response to this, he tweeted this reply, winning topping all scores all over again.

After being viral, Madison is openly speaking against bullying and asking people to think twice before they say anything to harm someone’s feelings. She believes people don’t realize the power of their words. They shouldn’t sit behind their smartphone screens and type anything they feel like.
Happy that now she has somehow managed to make a difference, Madison says she has been getting dms from so many plus sized girls. She is delighted to make all girls realize they can be curvy and attractive at the same time. In addition to that, let’s not forget, she is also shaking off racism by hugging interracial dating.
Since now we simply can’t seem to get enough of this powerful duo, here is how they were celebrating their one year anniversary earlier on.

Proud of her daughter’s message to spread loven not hate, Tom, Madison’s father has also spoken a few words on the subject.
“What’s exciting is the number of people responding to her and Tre with positive comments and people thanking them for inspiring them. Really proud of these two,” he says.


As if this wasn’t too much to consume already, praising Madison’s guy Tre, her further adds, “Tre is a young man full of integrity with a genuinely good heart and treats her like a queen. They both have good heads on their shoulders, and its fun watching them grow together. That’s all her mother and I could ask for concerning our daughter’s relationship.”
After observing this whole episode, all we can do is hold our hearts and wish both of them always stay together, forever.


The pair has revealed they have long plans to stick together. Madison will be attending IUPUI next fall, because a majors in psychology is her ultimate goal. This because she wants to be a school counselor one day. As for her man, Tre, he is going to go reap his associate’s degree from the Ivy Tech.
Recently, both of them appeared in The Dani D show, which aired from 96.3 on the 6th of May, 2017.

Way to go both of you! Bless the kind of love y’all have!


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After Being Fat-Shammed on Their Prom Photos See This Teen Couple’s Epic Reaction

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