Animals Eaten Alive In Restaurants: Watch Exposed Video by PETA

Our blind love for food is acceptable but eating animals ALIVE isn’t acceptable at all. We look for delicious food recipes to satisfy our taste buds but that doesn’t mean that we go out of the way to do that. Eating animals after they are dead is how nature works but eating an animal which is alive, in all its senses, can see and hear things, feel and react while it is brutally mutilated and eaten by humans, is a devilish behavior.

 And those who do that aren’t humans but animals themselves. See the picture above?

PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) is an org that took notice of several restaurants working in US who serve live sea animals to their customers, and their ways in these actions are horrible. Here’s a complete video that will hopefully open your eyes if you are also okay with eating animals alive.

Octopuses are chopped off and served alive in the restaurants. They are mutilated and kept alive until the next customer comes and asks for its other remaining limbs. If it isn’t dead by the pain, it is being kept alive until it starts growing its cut limbs, just to be mutilated and served again. This process keeps repeating until the octopus is dead or entirely swallowed.

San-nakji is the name of the dish which is about serving the tentacles of  live octopus with different  sauces, It is a Korean dish but has now gathered its popularity in many other countries, including US.

As it is being showed in the video by PETA, octopus is a very intelligent creature. Recently, Inky, a clever octopus escaped from an aquarium and found its way back to the ocean. Here’s how..

Way to Go Inky!
But wouldn’t that be distressing if we get to know that Inky is being served in some restaurant and that too, Alive! I can’t even think about it.

All that master plan, its master mind made and all that efforts it went through to get to the ocean, now being caught and mutilated and served alive? Hell No! Inky does not deserve to be caught ever again, by anyone or anything. May you live long, Inky!

Now, coming back to the poor, unfortunate octopuses that find no way getting out of where they are stuck; in the kitchens of fancy restaurants. Their chefs show off while they cut the limbs off the octopus, one by one and leave it wriggling in pain, until its body grows back the lost tentacle and the heartless chef cut it out again.

Chef and the waiter isn’t the only heartless people here, in fact they aren’t the real villain, It is actually the people who are willing to try and eat creatures alive.

 Showing off the cut-pieces of their body, taking pictures and not even once, thinking about the pain and suffering of that poor creature, is inhumane. We need to stop and boycott.

It’s not only the octopus who go through such brutality but shrimps, lobsters, crabs and mussels also become the victims.

 Lobsters are also cooked alive, thrown into the boiling water ALIVE and left to die in vain. Why not just kill it before putting it into the boiling water? Why not showing some mercy and respect to your food? Living things FEEL!

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Animals Eaten Alive In Restaurants: Watch Exposed Video by PETA

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