ANTP Winner India Gants Is Look Alike Of Her Inspirational Figure Gigi Hadid


India Gants arose as a new sensation in modeling industry after recently winning the title of America’s next top model. But there’s no doubt about the fact, she looks a lot like super model Gigi Hadid who happens to be someone India greatly admires for her modeling career.

But how she got into modeling? Well, India shares her story by admitting she was never into modeling profession as she used to wear dorky thick glasses and never bothered about the looks until one day her friend acknowledged her beauty. She was 16 years of age at that time and those words encouraged her to enter few beauty pageant.

Initially, India Gants faced some disapproval for being overweight for a model figure but still managed to sail the storms until she got the chance to appear in one of the best shows of models. She describes it one of the best life experience because she found some real encouraging environment generally. She managed to transform her entire look and improved throughout the season with each episode.

She describes the contestants were super supportive and encouraging. Their uplifting remarks on her body made her felt confident in her skin. The judges’ true criticism helped her to improve that area where she was lagging behind.

She said in an interview after the show that she never imagined her to be the ANTP winner. But as the program advanced, she succeeded in getting more appreciation than criticism. She competed well and started to believe she could be one when she reached as one of the six finalists of the show.

After that she put all her energy to impress the judges in proving them she deserves to be the top model of America. She says she felt out of this world to be one. Her finalist Tatiana was a tough competition no doubt and many thought she would win the title. Both the finalists are now being considered as great assets to the modeling industry.

She shared that the show helped her a lot in grooming herself more professionally. Many were truly awestruck by her transformation in the show. Her positive and winning attitude fascinated the judges along with the hard work she was putting in it. She was repeatedly told to lose weight which she managed to achieve.

She brought her best looks in the photo sessions. India was one of those contenders who was not envied by others. Now times have changed and today’s strong woman believe in appreciating the one who is struggling hard in battling the insecurities.

A panel of judges like Ashley Graham and Law Roach didn’t really agree with India being the crown winner of America’s Next Top Model. According to them, India didn’t carry the star power which is essential for the new opportunist bearing the huge title but India changed their minds.

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She did prove herself at each stage of the show that she is better than what she was yesterday. She came in as a blonde but soon she changed her attire by adopting to purple hair which was acknowledged and esteemed by all.

It was ANTP cycle 23 where India got the opportunity to showcase her talent on screen, on ramps and runways in reality. She faced the challenges well on each episode. She knows how to carry herself, she is confident and gives positive vibes about herself.

This season had its own controversies before it even aired. Initially, the news were it has been canceled but later it revived with the brand new fresh faces and also the original format of the show. The contenders were all females, although for the last three shows ANTP experimented to bring male models too. But this time it was all women show which was liked by many.

This time the show host was not Tyra Banks who is an ultimate inspiration for new models. The judging panel was also revamped which was a bit difficult for the contenders to understand what they would be looking in them. But Tyra Banks was still the executive producer of the season.

India who is 20 years of age made the record of never coming in bottom two of any round of the show. She somehow managed to stay above that level all the way through it. According to her, Gigi Hadid has always been her inspiration and she looked up to her work and career path and then its funny people relate India’s looks with Gigi.

India has struggled with her weight issues in past but now she is confident in herself. We all know Gigi got severely criticized for being overweight as well but now she is a highly paid model and recently won titles against her sister and friend Bella Hadid and Kendel Jenner.

India Gants is very happy for getting signed in many contracts lately. She has moved from Seattle to New York to make new connections. She definitely has what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.

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ANTP Winner India Gants Is Look Alike Of Her Inspirational Figure Gigi Hadid

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