Beware! Facebook is SPYING on You!

The most irresistible and addicting application on App Store; Facebook, because of its 24-hours availability to the people across the world is, makes it ‘the most commonly downloaded and used application’. Facebook gives its users the pleasure of saying their words freely, out to the human world, where they can share the stories of their lives through photos, videos etc. You can easily push comments on to anyone you feel like, share how you feel indiscriminately. Besides ‘staying up to date about your friends and family’, Facebook also gives you the platform where you can selflessly share someone else’s ‘public’ post among your circle of friends, if the post relates to you or your daily life situation in any way.
It is such an obsession that is ingrained in our daily routine, and not only the teenagers, but the older lot also feels ‘modern and updated’ by having an account on the Facebook. Studies show that the individuals who have the Facebook of their electronic devices tend to check it at least 14 times a day, on average.

The main issue here comes when the people using Facebook have absolutely no idea that what they do, say or post is continuously being eyed upon and tapped for intelligence purpose. You may not even realize the sensors or features on your phone being enabled by the application, to get the desired information. According to the experts, the access and gathering of data on this scale is ‘an alarming trend’.

What can Facebook Access?
One of the biggest reasons of you falling bait to the agenda is not seeing through the permissions these applications on the App store offer; Facebook and Messenger.

  • Facebook Permissions:
  • Facebook Messenger Permissions:

Can Facebook really access your information?
YES! While you are busy liking, posting and sharing stuff, you have no idea how much of that information is getting used by Facebook to learn about you. It is more than you could ever imagine!
Want proof? Keep reading!

  1. An online behemoth, Kelli says:
    “People are definitely addicted to Facebook. They’re addicted to their phones. We have a
    two-second attention span. People are always checking to see what’s going on. Anytime you’re using your phone, any kind of information that you’re putting into your phone, looking at on your phone, Facebook can access that.”
    She admits by saying:

      “I don’t think that people realize how much Facebook is tracking every move we’re making online. Anything that you’re doing on your phone, Facebook is watching.”

    In order to test the theory, Kelli enabled her phone’s microphone and mentioned her longing of going on Safari, she said:

      “I’m really interested in going on an African safari. I think it’d be wonderful to ride in one of those jeeps.”

    In about less about sixty seconds, out of nowhere, a safari story showed up as the very first post feed on her Facebook. As it turned out, that story had only been posted only 3 hours ago. On addition, due to the mentioning of the vehicle- jeep, a few car ads also popped up on her page. On that she laughed saying:“That is kind of weird. I’m still not so sure this isn’t just coincidence. I don’t think Facebook is really listening to our conversations.

  2. Facebook is listening to your conversations!
    The app listens to a list of buzz words, which once acknowledged, trigger responses which in turn shows related content on your Facebook feed. They listen to the song you’re listening, the movie you’re watching. They may even ask you to share it with your friends.Danielle Quichocho, a USF graduate student is doing her thesis on the topic.She says admits:

      “I don’t think it’s at all surprising. It’s all about the bottom line, and if this is a way to fatten that bottom line, they’re gonna do it”.

    She warns that the people using Facebook should be made aware and should choose their words very carefully.

      “If you agree to the terms and conditions, then you know what to expect. The internet is forever! You leave a footprint there. They’re going to find it. That’s just how it is.”

    Dr. Kathleen Stansberry, an expert in social media says:

      “Spying is a loaded term. Facebook certainly tracks our search data. Tracks when we’re using Facebook, what we’re posting about it, track the topics that we’re interested in and then it targets advertising.”

    She added?:
    “If you’re not paying for something then you’re probably the product. You are paying with your privacy. You’re paying with your information.”

  3. The ‘like’ and ‘share’ Buttons on Facebook are giving away your location!
    At times when you’re not even using Facebook, you see the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons popping every time you are on other websites. That is because Facebook can see which other websites you visit and then use that information to target you with the related ads and content. The app sells out you information and in return makes a lot of money.
  4. What does Facebook Say about gathering your information?
    Facebook put out an online statement, admitting to the fact. It states:
    “We use your microphone to identify the things you’re listening to or watching, based on the music and TV matches we’re able to identify.”

What can you do to stay safe from being spied on? Click HERE

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Beware! Facebook is SPYING on You!

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