Cats Ringing Bells for Treat- You Won’t Stop Obsessing!

Who says cats can’t be trained? You’d clearly understand that it is a prevalent myth, especially when they have the delicious treat in front of them.

This 42-second adorable video clip, shared by @b_ru_ru on twitter, is taking the internet by storm. It shows two cats ringing the hotel bell to get treats.

While the cat on the left, with black stripes on its fur, clearly got confused and started hitting the other cat’s bell for treats, the cat on the right, with white and black fur was quick not only in eating treats and was too hungry for more. She rang the bell repeatedly until the owner put some on its plate.

As strange as it may be, it is more enjoyable and people are absolutely falling in love with the talent of these two cats. The video was posted on March 30th but it is still going viral with 303,000+ likes and 204,000+ shares on Twitter and a gigantic number of shares & likes on Facebook and other social media. Cat lovers can’t stop watching the video.

In relation to the famous ‘Pavlov’s Dog Experiment’ conducted in the 1890’s in Russia, where a canine dog association to food was conditioned with the ringing of a bell, this shows the adaptability of cats taking control of humans to serve them food when they want.

If you are an animal lover and cannot stop watching the video of these two cats, and have already fallen for their remarkable talent, you may as well watch their other videos, where the duo play guitar together and perform other endeavors.


Oh well, they can play a game too. WOW! What more can you possibly want from your cat?

Since these cats are too adorable to watch, you clearly would want to train your own cat to do tricks, won’t you? Make your own pet learn a few new techniques and flaunt their talent among your friends as much as you desire, as Samantha Martin, the founder of a cat circus The Amazing Acro-Cats states that “Any cat can be trained to do something”.

With so much fame these two Japanese kittens have gained, you may not know that back in 2015, the black & white kitten got popular for its solo performance.

As cute as it may look, it may also be noted that this positive conditioning gives you other benefits as it will keep your cat active, mentally motivated and help strengthen the bond between you and your pet.


Overall video critique:

  • Decent video framing
  • Pleasant view; background table and music

Unfortunately, when such like videos go viral, piracy also becomes rampant. You must always take out time to view the original content and acknowledge their efforts by saying NO to piracy of videos.

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Cats Ringing Bells for Treat- You Won’t Stop Obsessing!

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