Clash Royale: 6 Powerful Decks For Arena 8-11

Want to win every battle in Clash Royale? One needs not just the planning skills but the best combo of cards to fight against the opponent and destroy all three of his towers.

Clash Royale game is another master piece by Supercell, a game company which developed one of the most famous and fun moba games, Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is also a strategy game where you play on online server and battle with people world wide. The game gets you hooked for hours with its constant battle fights, quest to open chests which gets you new cards unlocked and fun interaction with people from all over the world.

Cards are the troops you use in your battle to kill the troops of your opponent, defend your towers while destroying the opponent’s and getting crowns. But for defeating the opponent, you not only needs good cards but a good strategy with the selection of cards for your deck matters a lot.

Some of the top players of Clash Royale suggested us these decks that can make you a master in the game and help you reach arena 11 and unlock new awesome cards faster. Here are the 6 powerful decks of Clash Royale that will make you a master in the game.

When your dragon reaches opponent’s tower, deploy the graveyard spell and see if he is able to stop the army of your tiny skeletons popping out of the ground, from destroying the tower.

If you have always been thinking about Inferno dragon and Lava Hound being a bad match on one deck, you’re wrong mate. Try them and it won’t take much time to get you three crowns.

When you release your hog rider, drop the log right after that and see if anything can stop your hogs to crush the tower. Canon can be put in the middle of your battle field so that opponent’s troop don’t run after your tower first, they’ll head towards the canon, giving you enough time to attack them and kill.

Place inferno tower in the middle of your battle field and make it hell for your rival to attack on your towers. This video will help you learn using Electro wizard effectively..

Electro wizard shuns the enemy troops by attacking them with electric shocks. It paves way for your other troops to reach opponent towers.

Golem is a master card from epic collection and it is a hard nut to crack. It takes more than 3 troops to kill him and immense powerful attack to get him out the way. Use it with lightening and arrows defending him from skeleton army or minion hordes.

Giants also provide you with defense and time both, same like Golem does. But Giant is one of the most used cards by people in Clash Royale. It’s actually the favorite one, as you can make a great combo of other troops with giants. He will always be the muscular powerful guard in your game.

Pro Tip of Clash Royale: Keep only one or two cards that take more than 6 Elixir, rest of the cards should be of elixir 2-3-4 max. That will make you quick in attack and defense both.


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Clash Royale: 6 Powerful Decks For Arena 8-11

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