Cute Video Shows Kid With Chocolate All Over His Face Deny Eating Chocolate

The hot chocolate tub has gone missing again, and this time around, everyone knows who’s behind it.

Callum is a young boy who is just 4, and he simply cannot keep his hands away from the current love of his life—hot chocolate. But unfortunately for him, he got caught sneaking away with chocolate this one time.

In the short YouTube video, his father is asking him if he ate hot chocolate, in response to which he shooks his head saying no. After giving his dad a typical reply, he is asked, “What’s on your face?”

To which he simply cant find an answer and keeps on mumbling, “It is…. It is err..” Well, Callum, we know its hot chocolate for sure, because it’s clearly written all across your face.

When asked repeatedly about the substance on his face, he says its “sauce,” “black sauce”. This answer leaves his father laughing as he tries harder to make his little one confess.

Callum’s younger brother Zack also knows he is telling tales and says it out loud to their Dad. However, there’s no changing his elder’s brother statement until Dad opens the front camera.

Soon as the young choco lover sees his face in the selfie mode, his face breaks into a naughty little grin.

“Can you tell me now?” his daddy says, admitting to his sin, the boy finally blurts, “Ammmm hot chocolate.” And, next we know, the internet is going crazy seeing this “little brat,” as his father calls him. The remaining chocolate smeared all across the kid’s face is soon licked off with his tongue greedily.

In another such YouTube video shared by stargirlreyna1, a young girl is asked by her mama if she had eaten chocolate, and she repeatedly denies touching it with a very straight face.

Isn’t this the cutest thing you have seen in a while? If you had a good laugh, share your comments with us in the section below. Also, don’t forget to hit share this cute video with your friends and family.

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Cute Video Shows Kid With Chocolate All Over His Face Deny Eating Chocolate

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