Depressed Yogi Turned Into Insanely High Paid Instagram Model


Recently in an interview, one of the most influential figures on Instagram and heavily followed by people revealed her journey from living a low-key life to high profile celebrity life.

Sjana Elise Earp who is now radiating smiles was once a dispirited and had the difficult adolescent age. At 16 years of age, she attempted suicide and ended up laying in a psychiatrist ward. Her depression was the result of bottling up her emotions inside and never letting the words out.

She got dropped out of school. Sjana found her passion in fitness training and got certified later. Also, photojournalism interested her and while studying that she started using Instagram a way of expressing herself out. Her pictures and live-talk way of speech impressed many and her followers started to grow.

Sjana Earp

This is the time her life took a change where she got approached to photograph an event. She started to get paid for it and also as a yogi. Sjana left her studies and did what her heart led her to do.

It was surprising for her to see growing number of followers. She always admires that people liked her being open minded. She even talked about her health issues. She worked as a blogger. Her multi-dimensional personality was also an attraction to many. After all who doesn’t like beauty with brains?

She still remembers the time when she was asked by an agency to manage her. Because now the only difference would be, she would get paid for what she was already doing.

She was asked to wear the brand’s clothes for promotional purposes. The brand name would now reach a million followers through her. It wasn’t just clothes, but the resorts she would visit would get more recognition.

Sjana Elise Earp said in an interview, “As your following grows, opportunities grow and so does the price tag associated with posts.”

With each passing day, her Instagram followers grew more and more and for now, they have reached 1.2million.

According to Sjana, social media saved her from intense problematic life to fast and luxurious lifestyle. Now she is inspiring other lives by spreading positive messages and posting videos and pictures full of life and energy.

On her road to recovery, she acknowledges social networks for her success and also yoga and her inner potential led her to reach the height which very few people grasp.

Her pictures are not just about the physical beauty which she clearly inhibits but also sends a message of healthy living through her yoga styles. Yoga is itself a way of living and brings peace of mind and tranquility. This way she is facilitating her more than a million followers to never lose hope in themselves. Believing in your strength is the first step towards betterment.

In her videos, Sjana opened up about her battle with depression and got pretty emotional. But the video helped people in relating themselves to her.

She expressed how she felt in those dark and gloomy days of her life. She thought she was a burden for people around her. She liked to stay alone all the time so she may not have to face anyone nearby. Her depression made her isolated. Her illness made her stay in the hospital for months sometimes but she wasn’t recovering.

She shared in one of her videos how she started to connect to people by remaining anonymous. She used to post-morbid images with quotes and sayings while hiding her identity. She used to describe herself as “pathetic, worthless and useless” repeatedly. She had no sense of self-worth at that course of life.

Her family had been very supportive as she has described. According to her, without her family and friends, she would never have been able to get back on track.

“Someday” isn’t on the calendar. Do it. Do it now! Pic by the wonderful @haylsa ? looks like you found paradise girl!! ?

A post shared by SJANA ELISE EARP // YOGA (@sjanaelise) on

She gives huge credit of her recovery to attaining connection with people through social media. She revealed her identity on the account by mentioning her real name and also providing her loving family access to those accounts by providing passwords. Sjana believed her concerned parents deserved to know what activities her troubled daughter was involved in at that point.

From morbid and dark images, she started posting more colorful and vibrant pictures with positive messages. She got greatly encouraged by her follower and that recognition was quite an achievement for her.

Sjana Elise Earp is running a successful website named “smyle” where she blogs, post pictures and videos. She is a photojournalist who travels a lot and is followed for her lifestyle mainly sponsored by popular brands. The site covers almost all positive aspects of life including health, food and fashion and much more.

Her spiritual beliefs are very powerful which are helping people uplifting themselves from the heavy burden of self-pity and depression. She understands them because she was once a victim too. She is encouraging people to seek proper help if they are suffering from the deadly disease of hopelessness for the sake of themselves and their families.

Instagram: @sjanaelise

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Depressed Yogi Turned Into Insanely High Paid Instagram Model

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