Ever Wondered How It Feels Like To Fly Over Mars? Watch It Here And Enjoy!

Hello Earthy beings? Tired of living on Earth? How exciting, would it have been if somehow we could travel to other planets?

But for this dream to come true, you must probably have a space shuttle parked in your car porch. Isn’t it?

And then you must earn very hard to be able to buy the very expensive space shuttle. Also you must then learn the astronomy too and also how to make this space shuttle fly.

OH GOD! What a long and tough job this is. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry NASA is there for you. Oh no they are definitely not taking you to the space. But they have rather done an amazing job?

Curious to know, what they did?

NASA has recently released a video containing some high-resolution pictures of MARS-the planet while flying over it.

NASA took this picture from their high resolution HiRISE camera that has orbiting around the red planet Mar since 2006, which makes it a total of 11 years.

This is a tremendous effort done by a group of astronomers of NASA.

Not only they have taken these thousands photos but the most amazing jobs is done by a polish digital artist Jan Frodjman who has strikingly used these 33,000 photographs to reproduce a 3D visual image in the form of a video of the landscape of Mars.
It took him three weeks while sifting through these heavy images to create this fantastic 3D model of Mar’s landscape.

It is indeed a must-watch for the astronomy lovers.

The artist has indeed done a fantastic job. That sixty-second video is definitely a 1-minute mesmerizing experience you can ever have in your life.

The 3d effects given in the video absolutely takes the viewer into trance, which will give you a real life experience as if one is really sitting in that very space shuttle.

Mars who is our Earth’s neighbor is usually known for its rugged landscape, rough terrain, and dry atmosphere marked by volcanic eruption and is also marked by extreme temperatures in winters and summer as well.

From bumps to deep basin all narrates the story that planet has been going through aggressive geological changes in the past.

Video has shown all the ridges, hard mountains and the rough landscape with bare signs of vegetation on it.

According to the, artist he hasn’t used any soft wares for the creation of 3D visualisation rather he has used and picked 33.000 reference points manually on the anaglyph image.

According to the artist there might be software present to do this work automatically but so far he is not aware of that software.

Also it would be interesting to know for all the astronomy lovers that now NASA is also planning to land human on Mars in the coming fifteen of twenty years which means two decades in the 2030s if try to be a little clear.

And mind you NASA seems to be serious this time with their whole plan revealed for the coming 15 years.

So yes there seems to be the bright chance for all the warm-blooded exciting souls that perhaps who knows may be you can be lucky enough to once in a lifetime experience of how it feels like to land and walk on other planets.

Till that time all we can do is to just wish best of luck to the whole team of NASA and also congratulate them for doing this great job.

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Ever Wondered How It Feels Like To Fly Over Mars? Watch It Here And Enjoy!

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