Google’s Earth Day Doodle ‘Fox Story’ EXPLAINED!

Google tributes our planet Earth with its exclusive doodle on #EarthDay2017. The google doodle on April 21st shows a cute story of a Fox who’s concerned about Earth and its preservation after seeing a scary dream.

These 12 google doodle slides follow a story of a cute little fox who sees a dream in which the Earth is facing consequences of climate change. First she sees fishes dying in the sea and icebergs melting and collapsing, and other fellow sea animals running for their lives. She wakes up in shock and runs outside its cave with a shovel and little plant in its hands.

In the next slide, she is seen digging and planting lots of tiny plants, along with its kitty friend, out of her concern and worry for planet Earth.

After that, they both go out to get some groceries, they ask shopkeeper to give them vegetables only, instead of meat (chicken, fish, beef, pork). In the next slide, they are seen riding a bicycle, rejecting the vehicle transport. And in the last 3 slides, they are seen inquiring about solar panels and wind turbines to utilize natural energy and not exploit it. In the end, they are sleeping peacefully without any worries or nightmares about Planet Earth.

Now, the message that has been conveyed through this Google Doodle is very serious and thought-provoking. One cannot ignore the fact that whatever the fox saw in its dream is actually true. Climate change is becoming a severe problem for our planet and only we humans can save it from such disaster.

From where the ‘Fox Story’ started, it shows fishes dying due to coral bleaching and water pollution, it also shows icebergs melting and collapsing, why? because of Humans. The temperature of Earth is rising up day by day because of Ozone depletion (A hole in the ozone which is a layer that surrounds the Earth protecting it from the direct heat rays of the sun), because of ozone thinning, the harmful sun rays are heating up the surface of Earth, resulting in green-house effect.

Thinking why are we responsible for this? Yes we are! Because of the vehicles we use that cause pollution, because of our industries using coal and other harmful substances, because we are cutting trees and destroying greenery and so on. Carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, suphurmonoxide are few greenhouse gases that are emitted in the air by us using non-renewable energy. These gases are harmful for Earth’s atmosphere and cause effects like heavy rains, acid rain, smog, etc.

If we use renewable energy like Solar plants, Wind turbines, water dams etc for creating energy, our earth would be a lot more safer than it is right now. Cutting trees means we are eradicating the one single protection we have against the harsh climate change. Greenery can keep us safe and provide us some more time to deal with climate change and fix the damage we have done to our Planet.

On Earth Day 2017, Let’s keep a promise to be kind to our mother Earth. Plant trees, minimize the usage of engine vehicles as much as possible, try eating vegetables more, turn off fans, lights and other appliances when you are not using them, keep your place clean, and again PLANT TREES! Happy Earth Day! 🙂


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Google’s Earth Day Doodle ‘Fox Story’ EXPLAINED!

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