His Magic Tricks Looked Real Until Something Very Funny Happened

A local magician in the streets of china has his own unique talent of showing magic tricks which makes people stop by and watch his show.

With his tricks, he creates an illusion which shows his partner’s body cut in half, while he holds half of his partner’s body on his right hand and the legs on his left hand, standing in the middle. Sometimes he is seen lifting the body of his partner with one hand, keeping his body weight stable in the air.

In the other trick, he shows himself as a headless body whose head is lying on the floor. Sounds cool, right? But here, in this video you’ll see his magic tricks as well as the ‘Secret’ behind them which was exposed by none other than his own audience on road.

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In the first magic when he is being recorded showing a body cut into half, someone lit firecrackers near them for fun, distracted and scared, they messed up the trick, revealing a stand that was actually holding the bodies of these two magician-partners.

The ‘Stand’ was revealed as a secret behind their magic tricks, it holds them in the air in whatever position they’d like to be, making awesome illusions to the people who watch them from the front side. But it looks like that some naughty people on road couldn’t resist anymore and exposed the roadside magician in a very funny way.

However, the last trick, headless body, was ruined by his own partner who failed to keep the required distance between him and the head of his master which was lying on the floor. He accidentally started hitting his master’s head with his foot on the ground. Funny how the master popped out of ground and started hitting his trainee for being so dumb, and also for ruining what he calls as  ‘Magic’.



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His Magic Tricks Looked Real Until Something Very Funny Happened

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