Horrifying Stories Behind These Photos are REAL

It is not always what it looks like- We have collected some photos that appear normal but in actual they have some really horrifying and creepy stories behind. And to our horror, they are considered REAL because of their authentic sources.

Heaven’s Gate Experiment: 

This picture below does look odd but we see nothing horrific about it, right? but here, read this and you’ll know the mind-blowing and creepy reality of these strange men sleeping in the bunk beds.

PC: findadeath.com

By sleeping we meant, death sleep! These men are actually dead and they chose it by doing suicide. What’s more shocking is that this was all a part of an experiment conducted by a religious American UFO group named “Heaven’s Gate”,  based in San Diego, California. Their members, including the founders of the group, conducted a mass suicide, in the believe that their souls will reach another planet or dimension.

Omayra Sánchez Garzón:

A 13 year old girl Omayra set an example of patience and tolerance when she remained stuck in the water for three days. This photo was taken an hour before she died.

PC: Wikipedia

Omayra was one of the 20,000 victims killed in a Volcanic eruption at Colombia. Her home was demolished and she was trapped beneath the ruins of her house for three days. A social worker took this photo when she was found. No one can imagine the kind of mental chaos she must have gone through. It was a miracle that she survived this long in a death-demanding situation and remained strong instead. But sad that death had to take her out of this world.

Lightening Attack:

Two brothers and a sister went for hiking in Sequoia national forest where they came across with strange weather in which their hair started standing on its end. They found it cool and started taking pictures, suddenly the temperature dropped and one of the brothers was hit by lightening bolt. He woke to find his back all burned. This picture was taken a moment before the incident happened.

PC: NBC News

 If you ever experience something bizarre happening with the weather, we suggest to run inside a shelter.

Other mysterious photos in the video include a suicide caught in camera, a man brutally killed by her girlfriend, a photo taken seconds before a bomb attack on the spot and some more terrifying pictures.

You may find lots of creepy photos over the internet, and you also know that most of them are Photo-shopped and the stories attached to those could also be fake but know this, strange events occur, mysteries prevail, realities are sometimes scary and they can get caught on camera suddenly and become visible to all for all times to come.




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Horrifying Stories Behind These Photos are REAL

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