Human Barbie – The Transition from Barbie Life to Real Life!!


The very popular Valeria Lukyanova for her Barbie Doll looks who was named as “Human Barbie” after all the fame has recently shared her perspective on her living and eating style.

Valerie who is the inhabitant of Ukraine, Russia got celebrity recognition at the age of 14years. Her trim body structure, popping eyes with long beautiful blonde hair instantly made her get the attention worldwide.

The looks Valerie always claimed to be God gifted but she works hard to maintain her figure through liquid diet. In 2007, according to her eating was not necessary for survival. She refused any news to undergone knife for trimmed physique and denied any cosmetic surgeries except for breast implants.


Valerie Lukyanova won the title of “Miss Diamond Crown of World” against 300 contestants. She became a public figure promptly when she started posting her pictures and videos online which went viral in no time.

Her transformation was humungous and one of a kind. With fame came lots of critiques and many blamed plastic surgeries for her Barbie looks. Her denial to these accusations leads her to reveal the secret behind this miracle shift of looks. First, she told the media about her “breatharianism” diet which is near to impossible for a normal person to follow it for a lifetime. In this diet, eating is prohibited and you rely only on liquids.

Not only this, at the early phase of her uprising fame attracted many disclaimers and allegedly said her online pictures were photoshopped and not real. She shut the mouths of those reporters by posting her real life videos which made the world rely on her quotes more than ever.

Another charge on her was the removal of ribs she must have done in order to attain that tiny waist of hers. But Valeria has denied all such blames on her because she calls it the hard work of maximum workout and minimum calorie intake throughout the day. She also says her skinny body is heaven sent and she didn’t go into surgeries to achieve her body goals.

Secondly, use of makeup helps her a lot in acquiring Barbie looks. The eyes popping look is the result of good makeup done on her. Other than that she has talked a lot about her strenuous workouts and exercising drills which help her in maintaining her body shape.

But the Barbie doll looks is a thing of past now. Valerie who is now 30 years of age realizes her diet wasn’t for human survival. Her focus changed from the physical appearance of Barbie to more of a power packed girl with strength. Through her hardcore gym routines, she has acquired a body with muscle mass and cuts.

Other than that, she has also now determined towards her singing career goals. She is currently working with DJ Sender. According to Valeria, her music would be unique and would be soothing to ears and help you heal spiritually. She is believed to be singing in some old languages which are now long forgotten. The essence of ancient verses is what will make her music different among all.

Having said that all, Valeria has taken the break from any kind of Barbie transformation in near future and now we won’t be seeing any of the real time Barbie pictures or videos which were one the sensation of the internet. Recently in an interview, she said she is not at all against plastic surgeries which are there to enhance one’s beauty and therefore if by any chance she wants a change, she might opt undergoing the knife.

We have also witnessed Human Ken who spent fortunes to attain the appearance of character Ken. The transformation also gave him a lot of fame.

The Ukraine Valeria claimed of having only the breast implants and nothing more. Rest of the body which is now an inspiration for the fitness freaks is made of beautiful abs and cuts which are a realistic and approachable version for many now. She calls herself more fit than ever before. Her workout and the healthy diet have led her to more sculpted and beautiful body.

She believes herself to be the spiritual leader at heart as well. She has joined a school of Out-of-Body Travel which she is instructing her students to believe in themselves and stop focusing on the outer body only. Her mission is to change the aim of those students from physical appearance to the beauty that is skin deep. As the name indicates, she makes her followers travel from the body to the spiritual world of peace and tranquility.

In short, the Human Barbie is a history now as she trying to be a real and influential figure and making a difference in the world by her work.


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Human Barbie – The Transition from Barbie Life to Real Life!!

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