Internet Memes Can Ruin Life: Watch Out!

Memes make us laugh all the time. eh? We keep scrolling for more and more over our favorite social websites, tagging and sharing with our friends, laughing and ridiculing around, for the sake of some online fun. But some memes aren’t funny!

It’s okay, It is the era of digital world, we live in the internet more than we live in real. Whatever happens on our social pages affect us more than anything. Which shows how imperative the internet has become for the humans nowadays.

But the excess of anything is wrong, just like a careless overuse of internet increases the chances of being the victim of cyber crime, in cases of fraud, blackmailing, revenge etc. But sometimes, even a little joke that you think means no harm to anyone, can turn out to be a biggest threat to someone. Its one example is a ‘Meme’.


And GIFs too. Shocked?

Now you must be wondering how can a meme influence someone’s life in a bad way? Well yes, it can! It does to the people who become meme themselves. The world of memes and its production doesn’t only require famous people; celebrities, movie characters, cartoons etc. Normal people, like you and me, can become memes too and we certainly wouldn’t like it.

Some unlucky people who were recorded or pictured at the wrong time, doing something we call ‘funny’, can be a victim of the ruthless internet. Don’t believe us? Watch it yourself..

This is just one story. There are many that go unnoticed. While we make such memes, laugh and share around, we totally ignore the feeling of the person it is made upon.

Innocent Until Photoshopped

This innocent guy was portrayed and labelled as terrorist when his picture was photoshopped and circulated around the internet, with a bomb and Holy Koran being added in the picture. A way to denounce Islam and ridicule Muslims, heartless and senseless people made this picture go viral with maligning captions. That’s where the media played its role, completely destroying the ethics of journalism, published the picture on newspapers and magazine. One can never tell the mental chaos and pain this guy would have gone through. Here’s another one..

 This came up as a heart breaking thing; A special child became a meme when this picture was photoshopped by a radio station (wrote “Retarded News” in place of his innocent drawing) and posted as a banner of their show. When his family got to see how internet was making fun of their son’s picture, they were in disbelief and grief.

Media always play a major role in such cases, media lost its code of conduct and now shamelessly doing whatever it likes to do, all over the globe.

We should ask ourselves, For views and ratings, for likes and shares, for hearts and followers, are we really willing to cross limits? To go this low that we hurt peoples’ feelings?


One can never understand the depression and trauma of the person who goes through all this. While we were having fun, laughing and chilling, he/she trapped in that meme was suffering from mental pain.

Being a human, we should avoid such inhumane acts; Stop sharing such memes and videos that are ridiculing people, defaming and maligning their names and faces. It’s an attack on that person, It’s a crime!

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Internet Memes Can Ruin Life: Watch Out!

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