Intimacy Of This Man With Lions Will Shock You

Fond of keeping pet animals? but not all want cats, dogs or birds to pet, some people are fond of wild animals, like snake, crocodile, tigers or even lions. One of such men is Kevin Richardson, also known as the “The Lion Whisperer”.

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Born in South Africa, an exotic natural work, Kevin was raised in a middle class family. He was always interest in animals, but by the age he was 16, he knew what he wants to do, learn animal behavior and make it his profession.

A self-taught successful behaviorist he became and totally astonished everyone with his talent of befriending lions. Here’s how..

Lions are the king of the jungle because of their majestic attitude and wildest nature. Their roars make a jungle shudder and other animals hide. They are clever creatures, sometimes cunning too. Nothing can escape the grip of their jaws and paws.


But there are some people who can do wonders with lions; Kevin Richardson is one such human who walks freely among lions in the wild, with absolutely no protection. Before he gets closer to the family of lions, he makes a sound that alerts his lions about his visit. Lions warm welcome him as if he is also one of their family members.

This all seems really strange to the people who think wild animals are always dangerous and thirsty for blood and flesh. Kevin proves them wrong.

Kevin worked in a lion park in South Africa, specializing in big cats; Lions, tigers and leopards. That’s where he got close to the orphan cubs who were brought in the shelter of the park. He spent a huge time with them, feeding, playing and even sleeping together. When lions were old enough and ready to be released in the wild, he wasn’t sure that once his big cats are out in the jungle, will they ever recognize their human friend again or not.

Lions didn’t forget him. They will always run towards him to hug their human friend whenever they see him. Sometimes their love hurts when they squeeze him with their paws and accidentally bite him while licking, but Kevin totally enjoys it all. He says he can’t even think living without his passion that is, hanging out with Lions.

Is Kevin Richardson the only human who can do that? No, there are more such awesome people who have the power to control lions. Meet the woman, Or Lazmi who is in absolute love with her four lions who have known her since they were cubs and they love her the same.

 Or Lazmi has trained four cubs in a wildpark at South Africa. She isn’t only integrated to lions but also tigers. She said that her lions treat her like a dominant figure of their group of pride. They listen to her, behave on the signs of her hand, and obey her. She agrees on the danger of fluctuation of the wild nature but she also believes that wild animals can be handled easily if you understand their instinct.

Her intimacy with lions is as shocking as of Kevin Richard’s, who is now working for the conservation of endangered wild species. Both of these awesome animal behaviorists believe that even the wild nature of lions can not prevent them from sensing true love and care, this goes along with other wild animals as well.

Disclaimer… For the people like you and me, without any experience with such animals, we can either visit them in the wild parks or zoo. So don’t try to go all ‘homie’ with your favorite wild animal if you don’t want to end up becoming its meal. 🙂

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Intimacy Of This Man With Lions Will Shock You

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