Is April The Giraffe Really Faking Its Pregnancy? April Fool Alert!

What’s up with the people waiting anxiously for April the Giraffe to give birth? If this is the question that comes into your mind seeing all the related fuss, we are here to answer.

You see the entire internet is stuck to their screens just to watch a pregnant giraffe giving birth on Youtube live stream and it is now one of the highest trending issues from past few days. The Giraffe has been disappointing its viewers by just not letting the baby come out and it’s been over a month now since the due date of the delivery passed and the calf is still nowhere to be seen. Which is why people have started raising doubts about the Giraffe being pregnant.

A 15 years old pregnant Giraffe named April at the Animal Adventure Park and Zoo in upstate New York is on limelight since February 2017 when the zoo owners declared her delivery date is set on the last week of March or first week of Feb but shockingly, April is still pregnant and looks like she’s not in the mood to give birth as she isn’t pushing enough.

As April got attention of millions of people world wide because of her weird behavior during pregnancy in which she refuses to eat and sleep at times, messes up with other Giraffes or just sits at one corner doing nothing. Animal Vets have seen no sign of pain or other health complexities in April, they have approved her perfectly healthy.

A giraffe takes almost 15 months for pregnancy but for April, it’s over the estimated duration and she is showing no sign of irritation at all, which is why it is a bizarre yet interesting case.

The Animal Adventure Park and Zoo, after seeing the growing interest of people in April, opened a live Youtube stream for showing the complete routine of April online. Whenever they see April getting into the position of giving birth, they go live stream on their official Youtube channel here..

But some people on the internet thinks that all this April’s bizarre pregnancy could be a hoax or a marketing stunt to grab some public attention towards the zoo.

Some people are calling it an april fool prank but since the April fool day is gone too, one can not exactly tell what’s exactly happening.

If it really turns out to be nothing else than an April fool prank, a lot of people are going to go insane. but we will surely be congratulating the owners of the zoo for playing such a card and making such a great hype about something which is nothing.

It’s not the Giraffe only which went viral over the internet, a pregnant woman impersonating the April breaks the internet with a good laugh over her funny video.

This woman in the video behaves the same way as April is seen behaving on live stream except the part she starts dancing on. Sure as hell funny. Even this woman had given birth to her baby the very next day of this video, but our April didn’t. Maybe April needs to dance like that too. 😀

If this entire scene is a hoax or reality, we can never tell exactly until April the Giraffe gives birth to the long-awaited calf. If it doesn’t happen for another month, we know, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

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Is April The Giraffe Really Faking Its Pregnancy? April Fool Alert!

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