“It’s Okay, You Can Look At My Butt”, Funny Parody of ‘Hi Stranger Viral Video’

C-Lo, ex-Viner and now a Youtuber just released a parody of ‘Hi, Stranger’ lately the creepiest viral video, and we’re sure that this parody is going to get more views than the original one, because it is less creepy and more funny. Thanks to C-Lo for putting some sense in that senseless creepy video through this hilarious parody and ehem, those butts!

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If you have no idea what he just did, you need to watch the original version of ‘Hi, Stranger’ and when you do so, Don’t forget to watch the Stephen Colbert’s Trump Version in the end.

Story Behind All The Fuss:

Some weeks ago, a creepy animated video went viral on social media called “Hi, Stranger”. Created by someone named Kirsten Lepore, that weird video had no description or credits except the name of the creator written aside. He tweeted the video and that’s where it took the entire internet by Storm.

People responded to “Hi, Stranger” as the creepiest thing they have ever seen; while some called it an interesting matter, some thought it was very relaxing. RELAXING? Really bruh? Okay, we get it!

Even though there wasn’t much content in the video, but whatever was present in there seemed all odd and creepy and to our shock, it instantly went viral on social media within a day.

The video featured an animated naked figure with its butt exposed, talking to the viewers in a seductive voice, saying things like, ‘I have missed you’, suddenly a tiny colorful tree pops out of the floor and the figure asks the viewers if they like it or not.

In the Trump version of ‘Hi, Stranger’, A cartoon Trump is seen lying on the floor in the same position, talking to the viewers in the same way, just the thing popping out of the floor isn’t the same as the tree, but it is actually the failed Health Bill of Trump. This parody video also went viral on social media, because why not? IT HAS TRUMP!

However, C-Lo’s parody version of Hi Stranger is not as creepy as the original video but it is surely hell funny because of the fake butts and “You want some of my pudding? I’ll share with you” thing. But hey C-Lo’s, even though you came up with a very good parody of ‘Hi, Stranger’, but you still couldn’t beat the one Trump Cartoon did in the Stephen Colbert’s Show.

Stephen Colbert Remakes ‘Hi Stranger’ Trump Version

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“It’s Okay, You Can Look At My Butt”, Funny Parody of ‘Hi Stranger Viral Video’

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