Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ Music Video Is What Every Woman Should Watch

Kendrick Lamar just released his new single “Humble” which is now trending, not just because of the cool rap song itself, but its mesmerizing video and narrative lyrics. The music video is packed with amazing visuals and some heavy camera work. The song looks like a criticism on mainstream rappers, religiophobia, Photoshop and artificial portrayal of women beauty in the songs.

If you watched and heard the song but couldn’t grasp on the meanings of it. Let us explain it to you..

The one thing you probably missed about Kendrick is that after the release of his song ‘Faith’ in 2009, Kendrick came up with his new identity of a religious person, seeking for redemption. Most of his lyrics are about religion and closeness to God. Since then, he has been trying to convey his christian beliefs through his songs.

Again in ‘Humble’, he is seen sitting on the center seat at what looks like a stage of the Last Supper, accompanied by the men who are lookalikes of the famous rappers.

 While seated, Kendrick Lamar informs them about the return of the hip-hop god, calling them to ‘be humble and sit down’. Video has many extravagant scenes in which Lamar plays golf on the roof of a car, shown bicycling in an unusual but beautiful camera technique, standing in the center of a crowd-black suited men, and the best part where he literally breaks a stereotype about women beauty.

Kendrick rejected the idea of casting girls with beautiful bodies. He bashed Photoshop and said that he doesn’t like it. He appreciated natural beauty of stretchmarks and cellulite. Now this is something we don’t see more often, an ‘unfit’ body according to our socially accepted idea of beauty and perfection. As most of the rap songs feature girls having botox face, covered with make up, extraordinary cleavage and huge, round and shiny butts. On it’s contrary, Kendrick showed a simple girl with absolutely nothing ‘fake’ on and called it Natural beauty.

This part is what became the most noticed shot of the song and Internet reacted something like this..

Also, Like this..

But not all women take it as a Humble compliment, some women who call themselves ‘Feminists’ thought that it was a very misogynist approach of Kendrick Lamar to label women as fit or unfit, perfect this way or imperfect that way.

  Now it’s up to you what you think about the song ‘Humble’ and if Kendrick was appreciating women or insulting. From our viewpoint, it all looked cool. I mean, look at this awesome 360 camera work, man.

Or some heads literally on fire…

If you don’t agree with Kendrick’s narrative lyrics of Humble, you should at least give it a big thumbs up on its cool music video. 😉

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Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ Music Video Is What Every Woman Should Watch

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