These Powerful Demons Are Believed To Have Affected Your Daily Life

There have always been demons in the belief system of every religion, throughout history. And even today, after the revelations by Occultism and Demonology, people who believe in demons, know more about them now, than ever before.

Traditional folklore has told us many stories about spirits, specifically demons who had caused troubles to many great humans who tried to do something good to the world. Sometimes, the humans themselves, who were evil by nature, used demons and their power through dark magic to cause disrupts. And sadly, such people still exist who can make bad things happen by using black magic or other means to contact and control demons.

In order to understand if the mythologies about demons are true and if they really affect human lives. Occultism and Demonology were introduced to study in depth the existence of supernatural; Angels and Demons both, and the role they play in our world.

The studies revealed that every thing which causes a human to do something bad or  worst, the evil,  is somehow caused by a slight possession of a demon and there are so many of them out there looking for their victims. Which is why, in every religion, they have mentioned a way to protect oneself from the possession of the demons.

Satan, is the most common name of the most powerful demon, believed to have grudges with God, which is why he keeps messing up with humans to prove God that his most majestic creation, ‘Humans’ are wicked too and that evil is stronger than good.

Other than Satan, there are many demons who are believed to have gotten evil jobs to do in our daily life routine. According to demonology, following are the most powerful and evilest demons.

> BELPHEGOR (Job: Orgies and Debauchery)

PC: Wikipedia

Excessive indulgence of people in sex, alcohol and drugs, this is what Belphegor does. He is known to have ruined marriages and made people get involved in immoral activities. He makes sure that the humans are never satisfied with what they have. He uses money as a tool to get his job done!

> AGARES (Job: Curse Words and Offensive Gestures)

Pc: Demon Encyclopedia

The rider of a crocodile, keeping a hawk as a pet, this demon named Agares is said to have always been a master of languages. But so far, he has taught only one thing to humans, curse words and things that can be highly offensive.  He works to cause violence initiated by words.

> ABYZOU (Job: Miscarriages and Abortions)

pc: Villains.Wikia

 This jealous demon is infertile herself which is why she enjoys causing human women lose their unborn children. Sometimes, she hurts the pregnant woman, leading her to miscarriage and sometimes, she creates troublesome situations in which the pregnant woman feels like not ready to become a mom and chooses to abort the baby.

> ASAG (Job: Causing Sickness)


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The reason why and how Asag demon causes sickness, specifically vomiting because he is believed to be so ugly that his presence causes the hearts of living beings explode. He performs sexual acts on mountains, which is why his skin looks like tiny pointed rocks.

> MAMMON (Job: Greed)

 pc: Wikipedia

Every greedy and corrupt rich person on earth is ruled by this demon called Mammon. He’ll make you go down to any level to collect money through false means. For money, he can do all the evil things you can or cannot imagine. Beware if you ever feel like that money is all you need.

> BEELZEBUL (Job: Destruction of Everything)

Pc: The Metal Archives

Also known as Lucifer, this demon is called as the Satan by the Testament of Solomon. Beelzebul causes demons to be worshipped among men, turns saints into sinners, brings chaos in a society living in harmony. He just can’t tolerate peace and love!

> BUER DEMON (Job: Playing with Poison)

 pc: Wikipedia

This one is an intelligent demon who knows about natural philosophy and logic, who’s good with herbs and plants and he knows very well about poisonous things and creatures. He also leads around 50 smalls demons in their jobs. Wicked one!

> LILITH (Job: Nurture Evil)

 Last but not the least on our list, this female demon called Lilith is one of the ancient evil spirits, also mentioned in the Bible and Talmud. In the traditional folklore, her presence was witnessed at many places, such as in the famous Epic of Gilgamesh, Jewish traditions, Sumerian witchcraft etc. She is known to have influenced humans to be involved in the sins of spreading terror and violence. Also, her strong and dangerous sexuality has led her to give birth to the many small demon. It is believed that she had fertilized herself with male demon sperms in order to become a mother of hundreds of demons. And this is how she expanded her power and evilness around the world. But before she became evil, it is said that Lilith was actually a woman of power and freedom, Genesis Rabbah described her as the first wife of Adam but Lilith and Adam couldn’t keep up with their marriage because of Lilith’s independent attitude.

In the book called “The Hebrew Myths”, written by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai, a passage reads: “Adam complained to God: ‘I have been deserted by my helpmeet’ God at once sent the angels Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof to fetch Lilith back. They found her beside the Red Sea, a region abounding in lascivious demons, to whom she bore lilim at the rate of more than one hundred a day. ‘Return to Adam without delay,’ the angels said, `or we will drown you!’ Lilith asked: `How can I return to Adam and live like an honest housewife, after my stay beside the Red Sea?? ‘It will be death to refuse!’ they answered. `How can I die,’ Lilith asked again, `when God has ordered me to take charge of all newborn children: boys up to the eighth day of life, that of circumcision; girls up to the twentieth day. None the less, if ever I see your three names or likenesses displayed in an amulet above a newborn child, I promise to spare it.’ To this they agreed; but God punished Lilith by making one hundred of her demon children perish daily; and if she could not destroy a human infant, because of the angelic amulet, she would spitefully turn against her own.”

Even though a lot of demons have been identified by Demonologist, but we still can’t exactly tell the exact number of demons existing in the shadow world, just like we can’t tell the number and exact types of angels. They both are supernatural beings, one holds the goodness, while other holds the evilness, both are contributing to run the world though.

Here’s a detailed video having more insights into Demons and the role they play in our lives!

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These Powerful Demons Are Believed To Have Affected Your Daily Life

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