Parking Lot Safety Instructions You Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore

Ever been so busy on your smartphone while you head out of a store towards the parking lot? Yeah, we have all been doing this absolutely “normal” thing while visiting parking spaces on a daily basis.
This is why we have dug up this video by Pretty Loaded to show you guys how easily people end up risking their lives.

In the video above, you can see what a regular thing such as replying back to a text did to this woman. Fortunately, this video was staged to make you aware of the dangerous crimes happening frequently. Abductors, robbers, muggers and snatchers regularly select unsuspected places like empty parking lots to pick on their victims. Cars in such parking areas give them a safe hide out, while they conveniently wait for their next target and attack when they are least expecting it.
To prevent such events, we have come up with the following parking lot safety instructions. You can’t control someone from committing a crime, but you can always take these steps to turn all the odds in your favor.
1. Make personal safety a priority
Always be alert when you are in the parking lot. Being cautious is the only real way you can avoid being a victim of parking lot crimes and accidents. Remember, your safety is what matters the most and you have to keep it in mind whenever you are out and about.


2. Watch out for three things your attacker desires
An attacker searches for three important things while settling on a victim.
✓ Accessibility
✓ Vulnerability
✓ Availability
Your job is to keep yourself from giving him any of the three mentioned above.
3. Maintain your body language
Remember to use your body language as your defense to tell criminals that you are a fighter. This way, they will know that you can cause them trouble
✓ Always walk fast with a purpose
✓ Keep your head up, don’t get distracted or use cell phones
✓ Be ready for anything and don’t let anyone catch you off guard
✓ Always have your keys out and be ready to unlock your car
4. Beware of danger before it gets to you
Better be safe than sorry. When you see something unusual, always go back into the building and ask someone to escort you to your car. When two people get involved, you can’t possibly be a victim.
✓ Always park your car in well-lit areas. If the lot is not well-lit, complain the authorities. Parking lot owners are held responsible for crime and injury in such circumstances
✓ When you are backing out of a spot, always be aware of another driver or motorist who is backing out at the same time
✓ If someone is standing close to your car, never unlock. Walk away and come back with security
5. Always be on state yellow
The key to being safe in such situations is by being on condition yellow at all times. When you expose yourself to be vulnerable and distracted, you will automatically be considered an easy game.
✓ Keep your hands free of bags and other personal items
✓ If possible, keep a pepper spray in your bag—or use a pocket knife as your keychain
✓ Always check the backseat before you unlock your car
✓ Don’t keep your shoppers on the front seat where they can be visible to thieves
These safety tips could literally save your life and your loved ones from danger—follow them, and most importantly, share them with your friends and family. Be on move for the next time you find yourself in threat, above all—be strong, be confident and be prepared!


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Parking Lot Safety Instructions You Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore

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