People Were Recording This Meteor Passing By Earth But They Didn’t Know What Was Coming With It- Scary!

It was an ordinary Eve in the Ural region of Russia until people witnessed an exalted game of Nature happening in front of their eyes. On 15 Feb 2013, A meteor was entering earth’s atmosphere over Russia with a speed of 19.16 ± 0.15 kilometers per second. It was an amusing sight at first but what happened next was horrifying.

Here’s a collection of video clips from all over the region that recorded the fireball looking meteor passing by Earth.

As you can see, the meteor was brighter than sun and people who had the close exposure felt the intense heat coming out of it. Fortunately it was just an atmospheric entry of this meteorite and it had no intentions of hitting earth but even with its just passing by our planet caused over 1500 human injuries, due to the damage its great sound waves caused to the buildings and other objects.

“I was in my office, working on my computer, it was almost dawn when I noticed the sky turning all ‘day-ish’, I looked outside my window but couldn’t see anything and then suddenly I heard a very loud explosion sound and the next thing I know I was lying on the floor, bleeding from face and my upper body, my ears buzzing and then I passed out”, says Nicole, one of the victims.

Upon the investigation by astrologers, it was revealed that this meteorite sight was actually a ‘Superbolide’ in which a meteor reaches the apparent magnitude of -17 or more, and explode in the air bust, causing a large shock wave resulting in damages to the buildings and its glass windows.

This meteor incident is considered one of the two biggest superbolide sight called Chelyabinsk meteor , the other one is Sutter’s Mill meteorite, occurred in California Gold Rush site which was the greatest meteorite impact on Earth. Some grains of the Sutter’s Mill meteorite survived to reached earth, here’s a picture of one of them..

 Credits; Wikimedia

The superbolide is a majestic sight in which the disaster of nature is resisted by nature itself. When one power of nature stops the other power of nature. Imagine if that meteorite hits earth, what damage it will bring to a massive region of earth. Every thing will perish in that area, just like it happened centuries ago when a meteorite shower killed all the dinosaurs living on Earth. Nature paved its way for humans to survive on this planet with the help of meteorites, if nature ever wanted to pave its way for another specie, we won’t last long either!

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People Were Recording This Meteor Passing By Earth But They Didn’t Know What Was Coming With It- Scary!

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