Read How This Girl Went Through a Shocking Unknown Pregnancy

 When was the first time you realized you were pregnant? Unfortunately for some people being pregnant isn’t something as easy as missing a period. What happens when a pregnancy is not only unplanned, but also unknown to the woman who is actually pregnant?

Jade Louise, went into a horrible unknown pregnancy, without realizing it. At Jade’s age, being 19 was all about having fun, going to parties and getting drunk. She had regular periods and didn’t gain any weight except for going from size eight to ten. However, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she could be months along an unknown pregnancy.
It was during the end of the year when Jade began to feel a stiff lumpiness around her stomach. She was almost always feeling tired and exhausted. One visit to the doctor told her she had constipation. The examiner prescribed her lactulose and advised her to eat and sleep better.


At Christmas’ Eve, Jade woke up to horrible stomach pains and felt sick. Running to the toilet, she tried washing her face at first thinking it must be an after-party hangover. Next, she tried to poo and guess what came out instead? A baby—right into the toilet bowl! Her daughter Jane is now 12 years old and everyone enjoys her birthday each year, especially herself as she receives double presents from friends and family.

As shocking as this story might sound to you, this is in fact true. Approximately 1 woman in every 7000 pregnant women is reported to undergo a case of unknown pregnancy.

Keep reading to learn some of the most common symptoms of unknown pregnancies.

False pregnancy Tests
If a woman is unsure about her pregnancy, she always takes a pregnancy test at home. However, some [pregnancy tests are known to give false readings if the kit is not used properly. Even if the test is taken too early, it can show a case of negative pregnancy, which is positive in real.
Health experts recommend taking tests after missing periods for more than one week. Even then, its suggested to use more than one test to be sure.

Body weight changes
A very large belly normally shows a pregnant woman. But not all females get pregnant this way. Some women weigh differently, parts of their body might swell after being pregnant and other parts might barely hint anything at all.
On a general note, women who are already over weight might not notice a slight change in weight. Havin fat around the belly, especially around stomach can easily hide a baby. Secondly, women who keep working out after they get pregnant might not gain a noticeable amount of weight in the first place.

Irregular periods
Occasionally, women who are pregnant continue to go get irregular bleedings, which they easily confuse with not being pregnant. This kind of false period cycle is rare, but it exists. Another case can be those women who get irregular menstrual cycles. They often assume missing a period is okay because of their irregular periods.
More and more people, especially doctors are getting concerned about unknown pregnancies because it shows lack of prenatal care and precautions. Often people don’t stop smoking, taking drugs and alcoholic intakes. These habits often effect their babies and cause post birth traumas.

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Read How This Girl Went Through a Shocking Unknown Pregnancy

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