Roles Reversed—Watch Animals Treating Us The Way We Treat Them

Ever imagined what it would be like if our roles get reversed with animals? How would it feel if animals start treating us the way we treat them?

This week, ViralVideosLab has decided to take you to a shocking, parallel universe. A place where you are at the hands and mercy of animals.

The video shown above includes images and cartoons that show animals treating human beings in a way which provokes many thoughts inside us. Thoughts that will make us ponder upon our actions, questioning what we were and what we have become. Some of these images are illustrated by famous cartoonists, who have one goal in their mind. Make us feel how it’s like to be inside an animal’s horns and feathers.

So, if these images below don’t make you cry out loud, we don’t know what will

Wildlife poaching

In just a period of a decade, a number of more than 7,137 rhinos is reportedly lost to poaching. The Department of Environmental Affairs has released the stats for animal poaching recently in February 2017. According to it, the numbers of 2016 show a 10% decline in poaching of rhinos. However, this is nothing o=to be happy about. In South Africa alone, 1,054 rhinos were killed in the year 2016. If we break this number down, it will be about three rhinos being killed every single day.

Furthermore, there’s an alarming news about animal poaching gangs increasing in numbers and working beyond the borders of South Africa now. Animals like rhinos, elephants, and tigers are the ones who have been targeted by all such wildlife poaching rings function all across the world.

Is there anything you can do?

The best thing that you can do against wildlife poaching is to educate people about the facts and dangers of poaching. Learn anti-poaching tricks, sign up wildlife petitions and donate money to organizations that are working to end wildlife crime.

Killing animals for fur and skins

Many animals are slaughtered for skins and furs. Mink, fox, rabbit, beavers, seals, crocodile, and wolves are some of them.

Additionally, many of these species are becoming increasingly endangered. All such animals are illegally poached, handed down and traded for the value of their skins. Animals like tigers, ocelots, and leopards have become almost next to extinct.

All animals that are kept for their skins are raised in fur farms. They are denied any kind of natural habitats whatsoever, kept confined and caged. Such fur farms are known to breed animals who develop abnormal behaviors like gnawing, pacing, and cannibalism. When the right time comes, they are executed through gassing, neck snapping or by means of electrocution from mouth or anus.

Is there anything you can do?

To help such animals, the only effective thing you can do is stop buying goods made up of animal skins. Before you or anyone you know goes out to buy something made up of fur, be sure to ask whether it’s real or not. Boycotting all famous brands that sell animal skins is a great way to make a noticeable difference.

Torturing animals for producing artificial milk

Moving on to animals who provide us with dairy products. Have you ever imagined how cows are milked in the “modern” world of today? The milking and cheese extraction process is cruel, inhumane and unhealthy.

If cows are given a proper environment, they give birth to and nurture their young ones fiercely. They form friendships with their owners, play with their young ones and express emotions.  But, unfortunately, cows that are being raised today are kept in intensive confinements. They are tortured so much that they cannot even fulfill the most basic of their desires. They are not allowed to nurse their calves, not even for one single day. They are confined in small cells, treated like milk producing machines that are genetically enhanced and manipulated to perform at 100% efficiency.

Almost all dairy farms use harmful antibiotics that pump cows in order to generate more and more milk. One thing which is being totally ignored here is, where the cows are being treated cruelly, humans, who drink that same artificial milk are getting the side effects too.

People who consume dairy products extracted from these methods are automatically increasing a chance to develop heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and multiple other viruses.

Watch this video to see how cows are kept and treated in farms. A farm in North Carolina was said to have kept cows in knee-deep waste. They were literally forced to eat, walk and sleep in it. Other farms had crowded lots that keep cows fenced on concrete floors throughout.

In normal circumstances, above 9 million cows exist in the dairy farms of the U.S. this number is fairly smaller than that of 1950, where there were around 12 million fewer farms. Yet, alarmingly so, the milk production has steadily increased with 206 billion pounds’ milk being produced each year (according to stats of 2016). Compare this to 116 billion pounds, which was the quantity of milk per year back in 1950.

All thanks to genetic manipulation and artificial hormonal growth. Along with antibiotics, the same cows are fed high amounts of proteins in their food, including chicken feathers and fish. This is done because their natural diet won’t allow them to generate massive amounts of milk. As a result of this, each cow gives away 20,000 pounds’ milk for every single year.

And then, you wonder what’s wrong with your infant’s health? No wonder everything is wrong when they are being fed this milk. Millions of American citizens are lactose intolerant, a condition which causes bloating, vomiting, headache, cramps, rashes, and asthma.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

What we can do here is, immediately boycott the milk being produced in such cruel conditions. Plant derived soy and proteins can also be used, they also do not contain any cholesterol. Rice and soy are also perfect for such kind of nourishment needs.

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Roles Reversed—Watch Animals Treating Us The Way We Treat Them

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