Secret Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

Ever wonder why your steak never tastes as good as the steak from your favorite grill house? Viral videos lab has collected various tips for cooking the perfect steak. These tips were rounded from some of the best chefs in the country.

Check these secrets out one by one, and have an epic experience cooking your preferred steak inside the comfort of your own home.
Steps for Cooking the Best Steak
Colman Andrews, Daily Meals Editorial Director shares the best way to cook a steak:
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
Melt 2 tbsp. of butter on your iron pan
Season your meat generously on both sides using salt and pepper
Let it sit in the oven for a good 18-20 minutes
Remove it from the oven and slice it as desired
Secret # 1
The secret here is to always remember preheating your pan or grill, as its essential for good sear. Secondly, always allow your meat to it a while before you slice it. By this trick, you are going to get the perfect grill marks on your steaks. It also gives your meal a mouthwatering crust.


If your steak is very think, you can always caramelize it to achieve the desired moisture.

Secret # 2
When you talk about cooking steak, the thicker it is—the better.
The perfect steak will look seared from the outside, while its rare from the center. This technique is easy when you use a thick cut. Besides, you will be leaving a huge room for mistakes if you go with cooking a thin steak. So, the secret here is, but the best meat, and make sure its thick.

Secret # 3
For all those who love their steals grilled with a nice amount of juice and sear, this secret works best.


If you brush your grill with some olive oil before you put your meat on it, you will get the perfect result. Also, after you place the meat, coat that too with some oil so it doesn’t stick and you get a nice steak crust.
When you are hallway along cooking, apply a brush of melted compound butter on your steak. Some tarragon or Worcestershire sauce, along with a pinch of garlic also works wonders in terms of flavors.
Secret # 4
The Legendary, in Miami is best known for its jam-packed dining area, which serves happy customers since 1920’s. When asked about its excellence, the chef Julia Doyne warns everyone about the most common mistakes people do while they grill steaks.


The first is using very little seasoning. Don’t hesitate to use a generous layer of salt and freshly-ground pepper on your steak before you start cooking it. Once it’s almost cooked, allow the grill to do its job. Don’t be tempted to play around with your meat for a better sear. This way it gets a firmer, even grill or char.

Secret # 5
Finishing salts such as fleur de sel, French grey (gris) salt, or Maldon salt, which is from England are known for enhancing the flavor of any type of meat. Just before you are serving, if you sprinkle these finishing salts on your meat surface, they will add just the perfect finish to your meal.

Secret # 6
When you begin slicing your steak after cooking, remember to make slices against the grain. This trick automatically shortens any meat’s fibers and makes them less chewy.


Also, its good if you transfer the meat to a cutting board, cover up nicely with foil and let it rest for some minutes before slicing against the grains.

So, what do you think about these tips? Try them out and share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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Secret Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

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