Shocking Video Shows United Airlines Forcibly Dragging Passenger Off Flight

It’s been a more than rough week for United Airlines. Since the horrifying video of O’Hare airport security forcibly ejecting a passenger from a flight was released on the 10th of April, the company is being severely criticized all across the internet.

The passenger who was dragged, injured and removed is identified as David Dao, who is a 69 y/o doctor from Kentucky. On Sunday, Dao, who is a native of Vietnam, checked aboard the United Airline flight, 3411, which was bound for Louisville from the Chicago airport.

As it happens, the flight was overbooked by accident, and United’s staff asked passengers to voluntarily give up seats for which they were also offered $400. However, AFTER passengers were seated, four more people were required to leave the plane. Raising the compensatory amount to $800 dollars, along with free hotel room for the night the passengers were asked again to give up seats.
When no one came forward to volunteer, a United manager selected people randomly and the staff “asked” them to leave. After a couple who was selected shortly afterwards left, one man (David Dao) was visibly upset when he was asked to get off. Passengers report that Dao was repeatedly saying he is a doctor and has urgent patients to see early the next morning.

When Dao firmly refused to leave the aircraft, security and law enforcement was called and a video shows three officers reaching out and ripping him out of his seat. It shows them further dragging Dao down the aisle, who is screaming words like, “I have to go home” & “just kill me.” by then.

Its shockingly evident from the video that everyone was appalled by United Airline’s disturbing behavior. A shocked lady is heard exclaiming, “Please, oh my God, what are you doing?” and ”This is wrong,” ”Look at what you did to him!” Dao’s head had struck an armrest, causing injuries to his face, which resulted in him shedding a considerate amount of blood as well.
Soon after the incident, Chicago Police Department released a statement adding that David Dao suffered non-life threatening injuries in the 3411 incident, for which he is being treated at the Chicago Hospital. The doctor’s family on the other hand, asked for privacy on this matter, at the same time thanking everyone who delivered care and support over the internet.
After being roasted for several hours over the internet for their outrageous actions, the United Airlines’ CEO finally apologized through an extremely lame statement. In short, the CEO is sad for “having to re-accommodate” and is sorry for the “upsetting event.”

Recent news reveal that the family is now being represented by Chicago aviation attorney by the name of Thomas A. Demetrio. More and more people are coming forward to speak on the chain of negative events surrounding the airline company.
Surprisingly, some social media users have claimed their posts and tweets are being deleted mysteriously. These claims are being reported after United’s stock share took a serious fall after the Sunday event.

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Shocking Video Shows United Airlines Forcibly Dragging Passenger Off Flight

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