Single Tree Producing 40 Kinds Of Fruits: Miracle or Science?

A tree which can grow almost 40 types of fruits of different colors, shapes and tastes, if not a miracle than what is it? Tree from the heaven? A mystery? Well No! It’s a simple SCIENCE! not that simple but an artist and professor named Sam Van Aken made it possible, using a grafting technique called “Chip Budding”.

A tree that can give you 40 types of fruits is definitely looks like a fruit tree from the heaven. But actually it’s a gardening technique for the nourishment of plants, chip budding or chip grafting involves slicing a bit of a branch with a bud from a tree of one of the varieties, inserting it into a slit in a branch of the planted tree, then wrapping the connection of two branches with a tape until the branches starts growing into each other. Sam adds slices of branches from other fruit varieties to the planted tree, which he calls his art project.


The graphic picture above shows state of the tree after 10 years.

The magic of the “Tree of 40 Fruits” starts in the spring when it blossoms pink and purple flowers all over its branches which turn into tiny fruits until the time of the summers. It is such a mesmerizing phenomena of both nature and science that it looks so unreal. But here’s the real picture of this amazing baby tree..

The tree is currently producing peaches, cherries, almonds, nectarines, apricots and plums. Sam has his own nursery where he is all busy with his magical trees and chip budding. He is experimenting on the diversity of fruit trees.

The technique of chip grafting is basically used to bring about-to-die trees back to life, also for the fast and easy planting of the fruit and flower plants. You don’t need seeds, just a tiny branch of that plant will do your work.

Sam has used the grafting technique to come up with this new idea of growing variety of fruits in one single tree. If the process goes on without any hindrance, soon we all will be planting such trees in our gardens. 🙂

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Single Tree Producing 40 Kinds Of Fruits: Miracle or Science?

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