Stephen Colbert Remakes ‘Hi Stranger’ Trump Version

If you think ‘Hi Stranger’ video by Kirsten Lepore is the creepiest thing you have ever seen, well wait for it until you watch the one Stephen Colbert showed on his Friday night’s edition of The Late Show.

Recently a creepy video went viral on the internet. Despite it making no sense at all, it grabbed millions of views. The video showed a creepy human-like creature, butt naked, talking to the viewers in a seductive voice. Some people found it interesting while most of the people thought it was a very disturbing material and it is hard to come up with something as creepy as this. But Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Show on CBS took it as a challenge and definitely WON IT.

Stephen did a remake of the ‘Hi, Stranger’ video, but featured Trump instead of the real video figure. And he proved all those wrong who said that ‘Hi, Stranger’ is the creepiest video ever. It is because what Trump does in Stephen’s version of ‘Hi Stranger’ is much much more creepy and to our horror, it makes sense too.

In the Kirsten Lepore’s video, the human-like naked creature talks to the viewers saying “Hi, stranger, I have missed you”. He is lying on his belly, his butt is all exposed and as he catches us staring at his booty, he says, “It’s okay, You can look at my butt” and giggles. Suddenly, out of nowhere a tiny colorful tree pops out of the floor and the creature asked the viewers if they liked the tree he made. Nonsense, eh? But here, What Stephen made, does make a huge sense, even if it features Trump. 😉

In the ‘Trump Version’ of the creepy video, Trump cartoon; having an orange body, not butt naked but wearing a red underwear with his famous slogan “Make America Great Again” written on it and a tattoo on his lower back, reads “PUTIN”. The animated character impersonating Trump starts talking in the same voice as the creepy creature does in the original video, first few lines of the video are the same, until ‘health care bill” pops out of the floor in place of the tree. That’s where we know that Stephen won the “Hi Stranger” challenge.

The failure of the recent Trump’s health care bill was depicted through this satirical video, referring to which Trump cartoon asks the viewers if they like the health care bill he made. “Cool right? I thought it was cool.” The video doesn’t end here, it also shows the Trump cartoon complaining about how tough and tiring it is to be a president.

Stephen Colbert made a connection between the most creepy viral video of these days and the Trump’s recent failed healthcare bill, and you can’t call it a nonsense because it does prove a point to all of us. no? 😉

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Stephen Colbert Remakes ‘Hi Stranger’ Trump Version

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