The Famous Kaden Baby Is Back With Another Cute Video You Can’t Stop Watching

I bet, you haven’t forgotten the viral video of a baby called #WakingUpWithKaden, in which the baby throws his hand up every morning while his daddy records his action and puts relatable songs in the background to make the video look adorable and funny at the same time.

As soon as the video went viral, Kaden‘s daddy created an instagram account by the name @kpthebaby in which he uploads everything about Kaden. The account has around 19k followers currently and the number keeps growing as daddy uploads more and more of Kaden on its feed daily.

This new video of Kaden is another dose of cuteness you wouldn’t stop taking.

A post shared by Kaden Patrick (@kpthebaby) on

Daddy named this video as Floating Baby Guru, in which Kaden is a tiny little cute guru floating in the air and helping people knowing the meaning of life. That “Miiiiilllllkkkkk” got us all laughing out loud.

Here’s another funny and cute video of Kaden trying to put ‘the meaning of life’ in his mouth.

I love the way Kaden’s daddy kept motivating his baby to hold the bottle himself and drink the milk on his own. He kept chanting “You can do it” until Kaden actually did it. It looked like Kaden was understanding everything his dad was saying. By the expressions on his face, the look in his eyes and him keeping up with the bottle, it tells us how much Kaden is attached with his father and does not want to disappoint daddy.

The video which revealed the swag of Kaden worldwide is still one of the cutest baby videos you’ll ever see and we can’t stop ourselves from sharing it again.

“Hey Kaden, these are one hell of adorable memories your parents are collecting for you. We wonder what your reaction would be when you’ll be older, seeing all these cute videos your father recorded and the response of the people loving you from all over the world. One thing you’ll know for sure, that you are a born celebrity.” – With Love, Lab Doctor. 🙂

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The Famous Kaden Baby Is Back With Another Cute Video You Can’t Stop Watching

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