The Met Gala 2017 and Everything You Need to Know About it

Its May 2017, and the first Monday of this month of May can only signal one thing: Met Gala 2017. The annual fundraiser for Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute, more commonly referred to as the Met Gala is an event which can be best described as the Academy Awards for the Fashion industry.

The Met Gala is not just another red-carpet event, it’s a black-tie extravaganza that brings together the world’s biggest celebrities, politicians and artists.

The gathering has been organized annually since the year 1948. Unofficially, the Met Gala has been known as the “Oscars of the East Coast,” or the “Party of the year”.

So, before the celebrities crash the red carpet again this time around, let’s go ahead and learn some important things about the Met Gala 2017.

Why is it known as the “party of the year”?

Ever since the editor of American Vogue, Ms. Wintour, and the artistic director, Nast, took over as the Gala’s chairwoman in 1999, the event has transformed into an instrumental, philanthropic festivity.

The Met Galas are known to be extremely happening with sparks flying along with shiny stars, who are dressed in designer couture. Its celebrated as an ultimate celebrity cocktail fashion. In 2004, President Trump reportedly proposed to his now wife, Melania. Last year in 2016, the famous Hiddleswift romance kicked off at the Met Gala dance-off.

What’s Met Gala 2017 Theme?

The theme for the Met Gala 2017 red carpet is “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.” It honors and celebrates Rei Kawakubo’s work, who is the designer and founder of Comme des Garçons.

What’s special about Rei Kawakubo?

A 74 years old Japanese designer, Ms. Kawakubo became the founder of her own label, Comme des Garçons, back in 1969.

Surprisingly so this is the second time only that the Met has honored a designer who is alive. The first time was back in 1983, which was held in honor for Yves Saint Laurent.

Ms. Kawakubo often and routinely ends up on every single list of “most influential designers in the world.” She was also one of the most significant designer of the 20th century, and now, the 21st century.

Her success came to her mainly because she was fearless since the very beginning. Refusing to accept the rules of fashion, Kawakubo always opposed the idea that dresses need to be flattering. As an alternative, Kawakubo has always been interested in changing trends, challenging ideas about what could be the definition of beauty or gender.

Often times, her designed clothes have been really weird. Like, for example, dresses with no armholes in them. In fact, when designing clothes, she was once reported saying she is “trying not to make clothes.” Seeing her collection its often questions if fashion is really art.

Apart from this, Kawakubo is the owner of a multimillion dollar business, which is famous on a global scale. Stores are lined up with her designs and other day to day wearables. She has also regularly teamed up with Speedo and Nike. All the Dover Street Markets in the world are hers too, by the way.

When will the exhibition take place?

Kawakubo’s work will be exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 4th May, Thursday. The exhibition is said to feature 100 to 120 pieces of her work from 1981 and onwards. This particular exhibition, according to the WWD, is said to rival “Savage Beauty,” which featured McQueen’s work and drew a vast number of 660,000 visitors towards itself.

If you feel like going, do you know the Met Gala’s cost?

If you are set on attending the Met Gala 2017, you need to have an extra $30,000 bucks lying around. Apparently, only then will you have a ticket, along with chances, if, at all of getting in.

Tables at the Gala cost around $275,000. Of course, the event and the exhibition both have sponsors, so all the money raised from ticket sales is handed to the Costume Institute. An approximate of $13.5 million was raised last year. In the past, there has always been one corporate per show. In 2016, it was Apple, but this year this load is being divided among a couple of corporates, Condé Nast, Apple, H & M, Farfetch, and Maison Valentino.

For your interest and amazement, not everyone who goes to the Gala, pays for it. Often times, brands invite celebrities to dine on their table. Ms. Wintour herself invites some upcoming designers every now and then. These are mostly those who can’t afford to buy a ticket of their own.

How many guests attend the Met Gala?

In 2016, an approx. of 600 guests came to attend the Met Gals. This year however, representatives of the Gala say the authorities want to keep it a bit more “private,” so keeping this in mind, most probably the number of guests will be a bit lower.

 Can you attend it, if you have the money?

What’s life without hope? Unfortunately, even the people who have the money need invites, as the Met is an invitation-only event. What’s more, there’s even a long waiting list. The people get qualified mostly because of their achievements, which means, they need to have somethings that are more than money.

Ms. Wintour has the final word on every single invite being send out. Moreover, even if some company buys a table, they don’t have any say on who is going to sit on it, before its cleared with Wintour, or Vogue.

The star-studded celebrities

Each year since Wintour joined the Gala, different celebrities act as honory co-chairs. The 2017 honory guests were Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams. They were also said to be joined by Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, the famous celebrity couple.

When celebs are invited by any clothing brand to the Gala, they have to wear costumes from that designer as a rule. This drives various brands to seek the best stars possible. This also means that each star is often photographed with their dates, which are also famous themselves.

For the recent years, Beyoncé has been making the final entrance at the Gala. However, being pregnant with twins this time around, she has allowed someone else to take her special spotlight.

Since the past two years, using social media and smart phones inside the event is not allowed. So, as for now, what happens inside the Met Gala 2017 is a secret. As for the ban, we waited to see which of the celebrities are going to adhere to the rules. And, it was Kylie Jenner who broke the rules with this epic bathroom selfie

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The Met Gala 2017 and Everything You Need to Know About it

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