The Russian Sleep Experiment: Did It Really Happen?

One of the most creepy and horrifying mysteries, The Russian sleep experiment is still a debatable topic for a lot of science-fiction lovers, as no one can exactly tell if the story has some truth or it’s just a myth.

If you haven’t heard about the Russian sleep experiment, it is a famous story being around since world war II, about a controversial experiment conducted on five war prisoners by Russian scientists. The experiment was about keeping those five prisoners awake for a month using a peculiar gas and monitor the subjects and their behavior caused by sleep deprivation.

They offered five prisoners the freedom from the capture if they agree to spend a month in a chamber, as subjects of a test conducted by their doctors. The prisoners agreed and were went in a chamber that had only a month supply of dried food, some beds, books to pass time, running water and a toilet. Since at that time, there was no closed circuit cameras, hence only microphones were set inside chamber and a five inch thick glass window on the gate side of the chamber was there to monitor them.

The experiment started and all five captives were relaxed during first three days. From the second day, they started having conversations with each other, third day they started sharing their good life experiences, on the forth day however, they were talking about the traumas they went through in their lives, turning the side of rage and anger on. Their behavior started turning dark from day 5, they were frustrated and irritated, paranoid, started blaming each other for the apprehend.

As the time passed, they stopped talking to each other, whispering to the microphones instead, trying to trick experimenters to get them out but no one came for them. After nine days in extreme mental pain, one of the subjects started screaming his lungs out, he kept screaming for three hours, until he ripped his own vocal cords apart, while other subjects kept whispering to the microphones. Until the day 14th, researchers couldn’t see them anymore as the captives had used the pages of the books to paste them on the glass using their own feces, to block the scientists from keeping eyes on them.

On the day 15, Researchers decided to go inside the chamber as they neither could see the subjects nor hear any of them. The consumption of oxygen by subjects was still on which assured that they were still alive, but nobody knew exactly in what condition they were in.

Before getting inside the chamber, researchers and soldiers used intercom to alert the captives, “We are coming to test the microphones, step away from the doors or you’ll be shot, we’ll free one of you immediately if you all comply”, but the reply they received shocked everyone around, “We no longer want to be freed”.

The moment they stopped the gas into the chamber, all the held captives started screaming again, begging to reopen the supply of the gas. Soldiers broke into the chamber and were horrified seeing the most unexpected thing they could imagine about the condition of the subjects. Four of the the prisoners were alive by eating their own flesh and body parts, also the body of the dead subject. But they were not the humans anymore, the brutal experiment turned them into wild creatures that could neither feel any emotions nor the pain. Two of them died during the medical surgery, rest of the two were shot dead as they were impossible to control, even the heavy sedatives couldn’t make them asleep, only a bullet in their brain could.

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The Russian Sleep Experiment: Did It Really Happen?

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