These Elephants’ Escape From A Muddy Hole Is Dramatic

A great example of humanity was shown in Cambodia, when villagers made united efforts to save the herd of 11 elephants stuck in a deep mud hole.

As seen in the video, the herd comprises of three female adults and eight baby elephants some of them at their juvenile stage.

According to the villagers, the herd in search of food came towards the inhabited site of the forest where they accidentally fall in the deep mud hole.

As soon as the villagers saw this, they immediately contacted the Wildlife Conservatory department to inform them about the whole situation.

Meanwhile, farmers without wasting any time also made efforts to help then which to very much turned fruitful.

Since the walls of deep mud hole were 10 foot high, with no ramp to walk out of it self-help for elephants was an impossible thing to escape that mud hole.

The problem worsened even more when the mud started drying up making the movement of the elephants in the almost negligible.

What could have been done in this situation?

The only solution was then that Farmers along with wildlife personnel then, decided to dig a deep ramp, though a very tough task to do but after the digging of several hours they were able to dig a ramp big enough to enable the elephants walk over it.

Also they added large quantity of water in the mud pool to cool it down and loosen the mud around the elephants.

Soon after this, elephants one by one queued upto the surface and made their way out.

Though in their desperate attempt to save themselves from humans around them they quickly ran toward the safety of the dense forest while forgetting their one baby elephant member of the herd stuck in the mud.

However, the wildlife then again, made a successful attempt in rescuing him from the mud with the help of rope. But he too broke the rope, in an anticipation of fear from humans.
However the story doesn’t here.

An interesting thing throughout this whole incident was the history of that deep hole.

According to the inhabitants of that forest, this deep hole dates back to, the era of the Vietnam war.

The hole was actually not dug deliberately by the humans for their own needs but it actually created in the aftermath of the bomb explosion-yes it is a bomb crater.

A remnant of the war which was then used by famers and people living there for the purpose of water reservoir.

To the officials it seemed that, elephants had been in that ordeal since a past few days, where after making several attempts to escape they were tired and exhausted.

Villagers not only rescued them, but also brought food and water for them.

While many people have appreciated and lauded the humanitarian efforts of villager living around Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.
According to some experts, they have directly blamed the extensive activity of human deforestation shrinking more and more land for the animals to gaze for food freely and safely.

Most had claimed that, the loss of elephants would have been a great tragedy and a major upset to the elephant conservation efforts by Elephant livelihood Initiative Environment, since elephants makes up the majority of the wild life population in this sanctuary.

But at the end of the day, the good news is all the elephants were safely rescued and are unhurt and no hurt has been reported about the human injury as well.

Such stories are definitely a ray of hope in the world where humans are suffering badly.

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These Elephants’ Escape From A Muddy Hole Is Dramatic

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