These Epic Fail Videos Will Make You LOL – Funny Review

You may have seen many ‘Epic Fail’ videos and laughed out loud while watching those people in there, becoming victims of karma-trolls. Even we ourselves have been-there-done-that, right? But thank God, nobody was there to record mine. What about yours? 😀 hope it isn’t out there or has been embedded below here. And If it is, it’s okay, you aren’t the only one. Enjoy! 😉

1- Bad Bad Hoverboard 

If it is your first time riding a hoverboard, you need to put the cameras around you ‘down’, because chances are, it isn’t going to be a cool ride and something like this could happen to you too.


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Girl, if you do this in The X Factor, you can win it. 😀 Just have to prolong revolving on the hover board and fix your facial expressions, then you’re good to go! And oh yeah, we’ll make sure these men laughing crazy on you, don’t be there. 🙂 deal?

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When you try to look cool, be sexy and serve dinner to your husband at the same time. Don’t choose a hover board to help you out please. Thank God that it was a glass of wine in your hand and not the entire tray filled with the food, lady, otherwise it would have been a very nasty fall. xD

Wow… that was smart

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If you watched and ‘Heard’ the video carefully, you can listen a baby crying in the back. I bet, the baby could see what was coming to mommy. Only if he could speak and stop mommy from doing that silly thing on hover board, he would have at least saved the poor Christmas tree. 🙁

Hoverboards are infamous for epic fails, so I’m warning you guys again that your first time with this bad machine should be alone or with your parents only.

2- Cheap Furniture or Fat You?

Obviously Bad things would happen when you’re choosing bad options. Just like these people here..

?? #fail ??

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Definitely fat! And poor little chair! That epic laugh in the back though and the face of the guy when he knew he just got ‘epic fail’. This entire funny clip is a warning for all those who think they can conquer the world just by standing on a chair.

Because chairs can be bad@ss too and knock your balls off itself.

LOL, I was expecting a ‘thug life’ song in the background of this epic fail video. Wondering where the thugs at? Look at this bad@ass pair of chair, Taught this kid the lesson his parents couldn’t!

3- You Want A Slide Ride?

This cute little kid was told by his parents that he was going to have the fun of his life on this slide ride. This kid has trust issues with his parents now.

#fail ???

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The kid thought he’s gonna go straight down, but the evil slide had other plans for him and it didn’t want to finish the fun so soon.

Let’s check out this other attempt by a kid to enjoy his slide ride.

#fail ???

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Whoaa kid, slow down! Did you see Santa passing by and want to return the gift you didn’t like? or you thought that Papa will leave you there ‘sliding’? or what? But If you notice closely, you’ll realize that this is exactly how our week goes from Monday to Friday. No? 😀

Anyways, when talking about Slide ride, we know that it isn’t about kids only. Adults enjoy it too. In fact, some adults can even enjoy it without the slide. Here..

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Oh no, so she wasn’t actually trying to slide but climbing down the stairs catwalking or what? What on ‘stairs’ were you trying to do, girl? Whatever it was, you just got in our list of  ‘Epic Fails’.

If you enjoyed these epic fail videos, you can have more from @epic.vine.fails on Instagram. Know this, The moments like that are rarely and by chance recorded. but if we look around, in our daily routine and notice at our home, office, restaurants, parks, gyms etc, we’ll see life giving us epic fails all the time. Life isn’t smooth and perfect, it is jam packed with hilarious, cute and epic fails like these and it happens to all. If you get hit by life’s epic fail troll, just laugh it off with others and have fun! 😀

Because I, Lab Doctor at Viral Videos Lab did the same when one of my super ‘Epic Fail’ moments got me stunned for a while. So I was out with my friends for movie. We got late when we reached the theater hall, we all rushed to find our seats, I did too, a little faster than others so that I find a better seat, that’s when I stepped up on something greasy on stairway and slipped straight down the stairs. No physical injuries, but my heart did hurt a bit, seeing all the people watching and enjoying me instead of the movie on screen. Oh wait, Lab Doctor, guess you became the better movie to watch at that moment! :/

But I quickly recovered and to deal with the situation, started enjoying myself too, laughing with everyone who were laughing at me, soon it was over and everybody got back to the big screen and my ‘Epic Fail’ movie was ended!


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These Epic Fail Videos Will Make You LOL – Funny Review

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