This Cat Goes Absolutely Crazy for Whipped Cream in Viral Video

This cute ginger cat has a sweet tooth for whipped cream and she doesn’t take no for an answer.
The internet has no shortage of cute cat videos, but this one seems very adorable.

It’s a crazy video of a ginger, Marmalade, who is simply obsessed with whipped cream.

The owner of this cat is a guy named Chris Poole defines himself as a “Crazy Cat Guy.” Poole also runs a YouTube channel named “Cat Man Chris”. This channel is full of cute cat videos, vlogs and rescue missions of cats.

The orange kitty, who is called Marmalade, never fails to recognise the sound of her favorite container, which contains whipped cream. The footage shows Poole holding a whipped cream can in his kitchen. Soon as he starts shaking it, Marmalade comes bursting in and stands up on two legs to literally beg her owner for the whipped cream treat she can even die for.

In the YouTube video description, Chris says he rewards Marmalade with a very little amount of whipped cream every Saturday as a treat. Internet viewers say they absolutely adore the way Marmalade begs for cream, and it already has 695,986 views worldwide.
“I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to resist that pleading. lol,” a YouTube user with the name of ‘myfamilynme’ comments. “Marmalade is like, ‘More, please! Wait that’s it?’” commented Hoshi Sasayaku telling everyone what Marmalade would be feeling during the video.

“You love it? You love it?’ Yes, I’m really sure he does ? And me too,” says blacksunny06, admitting how he loved Marm’s charm.

In case you are craving more of such crazy cat videos, watch this cute video from a YouTube account named “Minion and Friends”.

This video is posted with a description reading, “Foolishly gave one of our cats whipped cream once, this is what happens every time we use it now.”
Even though cats love whipped cream and get excited every time their owners give it to them, some people don’t believe they should be eating it at all.
Poole has already explained that he only gives it to Marm once a week. Pet experts say cats should not be feeding on dairy products, as they can be bad for their health and digestion. As cats grow old, they can become lactose intolerant and are not able to digest the amount of sugar mixed in dairy products.
But apparently, whipped cream is one craving which human beings can easily relate to, and besides, most people agree that a small, pea sized amount wouldn’t do them any harm, right?
Pachma, a viewer has shared her story, “We used to give our cat the cream off the top of the milk. She lived to be 22 years old. ” Woah, she sure is one lucky owner.
Even if anyone is set on refusing such a treat to cats, Marm and her charms right here in this cute, crazy video are enough to melt their hearts in a jiffy.

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This Cat Goes Absolutely Crazy for Whipped Cream in Viral Video

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