This Disturbing Ad Will Make You Ponder Over Feminism

Recently a very disturbing yet thought-provoking ad went viral on social media, related to women rights in Indian subcontinent. Ad’s ending left many people in tears, while some burst into anger towards the people who are into domestic violence.

 A campaign in Bangladesh working for spreading awareness about women rights in the region, came up with this impactful ad that has a strong message for those who ignore the approach of Feminism.

The advert is entirely shot in a beauty parlor where several women are present and taking services to enhance their beauty. While one woman is there, not to take beauty services but to get rid of the beauty she has in her hair.

The hair stylist first compliments the beauty of the girl’s long and shiny black hair and asks if she wants them only trimmed and not cut. The girl nods and the stylist cut them a little. The girl asks for more cutting, stylist chops them off a bit more, asks the girl if they look fine to her now, the girl disagrees and asks to make them shorter, this time stylist look annoyed as she herself was hesitating cutting the long beautiful hair of the girl but she does it anyway. As the stylist is done giving the girl a short bob cut, she tells the girl “Now it looks perfect”, but the girl couldn’t take it anymore and confesses to be wanting to cut them all. Filled in tears, she grabs her hair in her fist and says to the stylist, “Make it more shorter, so that no one can hold it like this again”. Hair stylist and rest of the women present around shockingly stare at the girl in bob cut and the ad ends here with a message that reads; “Hair, the pride of woman. Let it never be the reason of her weakness.”

The ending of the ad reveals that the woman was a victim of domestic violence at her home, probably by her husband. She wanted to get rid of her hair so that she doesn’t have to feel the pain of hair-pulling ever again.

The message here doesn’t represent this one woman only but it is the story of thousands of women residing in Indian subcontinent. According to a BBC report, in every five minutes, a woman is facing domestic violence in the regions, i.e India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

However, many people responded on the ending of the ad as “a wrong turn”. “The girl shouldn’t have cut down her hair, but cut down the reason that got her in such situation”, said one person in one of the most liked comments of the post.

“Getting haircut is not the solution. Be brave and live with dignity. Always speak up for the right. Never tolerate violence”, a comment with 600+ likes shows that a lot of people didn’t like her being silent about the mental and physical abuse she was going through.

However, the ad shows both sides of the story; First, that many women, across the region, are still victim of barbaric behavior of men. Second, that they choose to remain silent rather than confronting, because of several reasons that include family name, honor, for the love of her children, the concern for their future etc.

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This Disturbing Ad Will Make You Ponder Over Feminism

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