This Horse is a Perfect Model!


we’ve all been through the ‘selfie’ craze. With the advancing technology and the media, every little act that can capture people’s attention in welcomed with open hands. But no matter how much ‘selfie craze’ you may have, the pictures were taken with the adorable animals always come out heartwarming and gather more response. While many videos of cat and dog lovers get shared every day on the social media, this new story truly makes out an exclusively endearing addition.

Kait totally upped the ‘selfie’ game by sneaking her mother’s horse-Tuker into her parent’s bathroom. She took selfies with Tucker- a 1000 pounds heavy and 4.5 feet tall horse and posted them on her twitter account. She tweeted this on Tuesday- April 4th:

Kait, while talking to Mashable, said that she brought Tucker into her home for an eccentric modeling show. She said:

“I wanted some really funny selfies that no one had ever seen before.”

She chose Tucker for a photo shoot because of according to her he has the impeccable model’s “been there done that” attitude and “general unflappability”, traits other horses might not possess.

She further told:

“I decided to bring him inside and take pictures with him just because I wanted some really funny selfies that no one had ever seen before. I was home from college during a break, and both of my parents were at work for the day, so I knew I could get away with it. He was only in the house for about five minutes, just long enough to go in, take pictures, and leave.”

She admired Tuker’s professionalism and explained how easy it was to take selfies with him.

“Tucker is very laid-back, so it was very easy. I put four hoof boots on him so he wouldn’t get the floor dirty, then I just walked him in. He only had to go up one step to get in the door. He’s a good sport. He wasn’t scared or anything, he walked in like he was walking into a regular barn.”

While others may force animals for their fun, Kait ensured that she was very careful and made sure of the safety of her home as well as Tucker, prior to clicking any selfies in the mirror.

“I put four hoof boots on him so he wouldn’t get the floor dirty, then I just walked him in.”

In one of the pictures Kait shared shows Tucker being steered to a carpeted room through a doorway, while another image shows her posing in a bathroom mirror with the beautiful brown horse behind her.

Kait said that after the photoshoot she sent the images to her mom immediately, but had to keep it from her dad about it for almost two years.

Oh! Also, this wasn’t the first time she had done this. Kait tweeted saying:

“P.S. This wasn’t the 1st time I brought a horse into their house, but it was definitely the ballsiest. Of the other two, 1 was just a mini & came into the kitchen for treats, and the other would only put 3 feet in.”

Tucker seems to love the attention she is gaining after the photo shoot as Kiet tweets:

Oh well, all the animal lovers around would probably thank Kait for this delightful new trend since it surely will make more people showcase their affection with their pets.

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This Horse is a Perfect Model!

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