This Is The Most Satisfying Video You’ll Watch Today- On Repeat!

Although the internet is flooding with lots of so-called satisfying videos but to find the real ones is hard, the ones that actually give your mind the peace, the soothing feeling after a tiring day and keep you hooked to your screen until you’re done repeating it for like 10 times. Slime videos for the purpose of satisfaction is one of the things that go viral on Internet.

We have found one such video of a ‘Slime’, well now you must be wondering what’s so satisfying about this slime when all the kinds of the slime can somehow give you pleasure. But nay.. Playing with slime is one thing but watching a satisfying video of a slime that’s being played by the hands of someone is another thing, and trust me, not all know the ‘art’ to play with slime for maximum pleasure. But this guy sure does..

Slime is actually a toy made up of Guar Gum and was first introduced in the year 1976. It is a thick, slippery and oozy substance that can be given with any shape you want. Over the years, different variations of slime were manufactured and now we have it available in all colors and funky styles, and people of all ages can play with them. It helps in decreasing anxiety and depression, can help you overcome panic attacks or simply a cure to boredom.

There are many pages on Instagram and Facebook that sell a huge variety of slime. You can buy one for yourself or simply just enjoy watching their videos of Slime reviews. Watch how a black slime is made..

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Watching someone playing with slime urges you to do the same, isn’t it? this is why it has now become a growing business all over U.S and now they are shipping them internationally too.

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Lovely, isn’t it? but if this kind of satisfaction doesn’t work for you and you ain’t a slime-kinda person, then worry not, there’s an alternative, this satisfying  KINETIC SAND.

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Yes, this slow, crunchy cutting substance is called ‘Kinetic Sand’ which is another toy like slime and they both have the same purpose. Play with them as much as you like until your desired level of satisfaction is achieved. Twist and turn, cut them with knives, squeeze and pull, roll it on your fingers and whatnot. It is all yours!

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This Is The Most Satisfying Video You’ll Watch Today- On Repeat!

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