This Model Has Spent $100,000 to look like Kim Kardashian, Vows to Keep Spending More

This young woman, who once upon a time modeled for Versace, has undergone a series of surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian.

In various of life’s endeavors, we all have someone that we look up to as an inspiration. We all have people that have proven themselves as inspirations to us. However, this young woman is inspired by none other than the cellulite booty queen Kim Kardashian West.

Meet Jennifer Pamplona, who is 24 years old and has nurtured a very big obsession with Kim K. she has reportedly spent more than $80,000 on her surgeries, making herself more like her idol with each passing day.

It all started when she was bullied back in school for being too slim. Living in Brazil, Jennifer reveals she was awed by the Kardashian’s curves and body frame. But, ever since she remembers, she had a slender frame. Her obsession hence started to achieve the figure of her dreams by hook or by crook.

Earlier on, Jennifer Pamplona also modeled for Versace after completing high school. Soon after, she turned all her focus towards transforming herself into Kim. Till date, she accepts spending more than 80 thousand bucks on her butt alone.

Upon being questioned regarding her future plans, Jennifer says she is not going to stop until she has a butt larger than Kim Kardashian’s.

Woah! Stop right here and observe a moment of respectful silence for her big butt dream.

Pamplona shares she had her first surgery at the age of 17, when she had her boob job done. She used to date a man she met. He was Celso Santebanes, a Brazilian model who looked like a human Ken Doll. Unfortunately, her boyfriend died due to Leukemia in the year 2014, aged just 21.

Since then, she has had several multiple surgeries to achieve this “perfect” look. Several times, Jennifer accepts surgeries have proved to be a way to fight depression for her.

After the untimely death of someone so close to her, a Television show invited her over to have her body changed into a Barbie doll, in the loving memory of her boyfriend.

“It was always his dream for me to look like a human doll and after having the surgery I found I didn’t have depression anymore,” Jennifer shares in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“At first I was having surgery to satisfy Celso’s dream, but now I do it for myself, when I look in the mirror and see this different Jennifer Pamplona it makes me happy.”

Up till now, Jennifer has taken around 500 ml of fat injections inside her butt. Her most recent surgery costed her a figure of $80K. The alarming this is, even now she has no plans to put a stop to her. Addicted to surgical procedures she says she is determined to reach the 700ml fat mark.

Jennifer’s surgery doctors have, however, warned her that another one of the butt surgeries won’t be possible since her body is already so exaggerated. They don’t agree on carrying it forward; yet, Jennifer is all set to have it done.

Previously, the former Versace model has undergone a boob job, which gave her 34D sized breasts. She also had a rhinoplasty, lip filling, liposuction, check fillings and fat injections in her thighs and butt.

People on the internet are judging her seriously for having so many surgeries, but she is willing to do the impossible, even if it’s dangerous. Some people have an addiction of drugs, some cant stop themselves from shopping, while Jennifer loves plastic procedures, feeling they make everything perfect for her.

When people compliment on her, she enjoys it tremendously. Having Kim’s butt and Kylie’s lips has been a “best decision” for this model since now she has turned into a television personality as well.

Her transformation has now handed her a position in a talent agency called “Plastics of Hollywood,” which is a place that showcases various talents of human dolls and plastic surgery cartoons. All of them are ready to have a TV show dedicated to portray their everyday lives to the whole world.

Earlier in 2016, a woman called Sonia Ali, running a blog and a makeup business with her sister, Fyza Ali in London was also famed for being a Kim Kardashian look alike.

Later in November 2016, Claire Leeson, living in Essex came in a reality show, saying she spent thousands on herself to end up looking like Kim Kardashian. But, news stories published recently show her in deep distress after being repeatedly compared to the selfie queen, Kim K. Utterly fed up of being ridiculed, Leeson says the surgery has wrecked her self-esteem. “I’m sick and tired of being compared to Kim Kardashian, I am my own person. I always had a resemblance to Kim and I thought I could capitalize on that by copying her look, but it’s backfired and now I hate looking like her.”

Ooopps, girl, you had a chance to reconsider your options before your procedure, but now that its done and dusted, isn’t it a bit too late?

Having her first surgery at 18, Claire started dressing up like Kim and appeared in a 2007 show as a Kim look-a-like wearing butt pads. She also spent a sizeable amount of dollars on hair extensions and spray tans to achieve her final look. Now, years later, she feels more insecure than ever before. Succumbing to her urge for attention has proved to be a worst nightmare for this lady.

She grimly says she can never turn back time now, and even though she just had a boob job done, and nothing else to deliberately look like Kim, people keep rubbing it in her face. “I just think if you go down that road you’ll end up miserable later in life because you’ve gone against your own self-worth,” she says.

To anyone out there planning to stand up for such plastic procedures, its better if you consider your mental and physical health as a first priority.


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This Model Has Spent $100,000 to look like Kim Kardashian, Vows to Keep Spending More

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