This ‘Secret’ DOG Can Be Your Yoga Trainer- AMAZING!

Watch how this adorable dog helps her mom doing Yoga everyday. What’s so secret about it? Well it is its name, “Secret” is the name of this smart female German shepherd dog who knows most of the yoga home exercises and becomes her mom’s trainer and helper daily in achieving health.

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They have even given a very funny name to the exercises they do together; “Doga”, how cute is it?

The care, concern and love for ‘Secret’ by her mom can be determined from this caption that read, “A short clip of me and Secret trying out a new “doga” position way too early this morning. The picnic table was the only place we could do it that wasn’t too wet outside. As you can probably see, Secret has been having problems with her fur and was scratching a lot. We just went to the vet and it turns out her seasonal allergies kicked in again, something quite similar happened last fall as well. They gave us a medication and prescribed shampoo, so hopefully it will get better now.”

Secret isn’t interested in exercises only but every daily routine activity by her mom is on Secret’s schedules too, whether it is about doing house chores, morning walk, watching TV, playing games or even playing music instruments.

Caption says, “Here’s a clip of my little goofball learning to drum with me this afternoon! As you can see behind us, our family just got a big electric drum set so hopefully we can work up to drumming on that!

Watching ‘Secret’ helping her mum doing the house chores is such a delightful sight. “Learning how to work the vacuum. It’s been pretty hard for her to learn to push it back and forward, but she’s come a long way with it! This was the very end of this training session, so she’s going pretty slow since she’s getting tired, but also because it’s really hard for her to push and pull it with the suction, I think she gets quite a workout.”

Secret is, undoubtedly, one of the smartest dog we have ever came across with. Her sense of understanding and belonging is very strong and she knows well that she’s more than just an adorable Dog! Follow her on Instagram at my_aussie_gal .

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This ‘Secret’ DOG Can Be Your Yoga Trainer- AMAZING!

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