Shocking Video Of Two Brave Girls Taking Down Mobile-Snatchers In Karachi

A car driven by two girls was seen in a CCTV footage, ‘Swagly’ taking down two muggers in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan.

It is rare to see someone actually resisting a loot attack like this, in a huge metropolitan city like Karachi where street crime rate is actually higher than other cities of Pakistan, where people choose not to resist and actually let their mobiles, wallets and other valuable things be snatched instead.

In a video posted by Express Tribune, a car is seen stopped by two muggers riding a bike, but the drivers in the car bravely chose to dodge them instead of surrendering.

The entire scene might shock you at first but it turns funny all of a sudden when the driver didn’t stop the car, instead hit one of the muggers and started thrusting the mugger and his bike forward on the street.

 These girls chose to pay no mercy to the snatcher and kept pushing him and his bike with their car. The snatcher is horrified realizing the sudden shift of his fate; “When the hunter becomes the hunted”. The other mugger ran away the moment these brave girls hit his partner. Looks like he wasn’t really a good ‘partner in crime’ though.

The driver of the black car coming from the opposite side is stunned watching the bizarre scene and cannot comprehend what to do, either to stop and save the “Poor guy” from the cruel drivers or just drive away. Since he had no idea what’s going on, he did stop for a moment but when he saw the girls throwing the man out of their way, he realized that the man isn’t really someone innocent. He got back into his car and drove away.

The video instantly went viral among the locals; people appreciating and praising the courage of the girls who took a risk and beat down the snatchers.

You can’t clearly see if the driver is actually a girl or not, but since the video has been uploaded by an authentic news source and it is mentioned in their title as well, we know that the submitter of the video must have told them the entire scene as a witness.

Even though, a lot of people are praising these girls, there are still some people who think that the girls went too far with such risk of their lives. “What if one of the muggers opens fire on the girls”, one person commented, “It is admirable but certainly not an example to follow”, another one commented on the video.

Well, we do understand that it was a bit risky and certainly not worth your life but this sight is rare and we, Lab Doctors, do give a big thumbs up to these brave girls who totally rocked!

Reminds us of this famous song.. 😉

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Shocking Video Of Two Brave Girls Taking Down Mobile-Snatchers In Karachi

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