Watch How This Cute Kitten Hating On Things It Dislikes- So Adorable!

Even animals have likes and dislikes- This cute little kitten gets to sniff lemon soda and it doesn’t like it at all. Watch the adorable reaction of this cute cat when it sniffs the lemon scent and suddenly backs off.

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Posted by @mirukunmom , as the name suggests, mom of a cute little kitten named “Miru”. It’s an official account of this cute cat with more than a million followers. They posts Miru’s cute videos every now and then. Miru is an arrogant but a well-mannered kitten who has its own way of dealing with its master. Not a grumpy cat but Miru gets its priorities straight. Food on plate, Water in the glass, and sleep in the bed with a soft pink blanket on!

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Miru is definitely a mannerly kitten who will turn into a sophisticated cat when grown up. Why are we saying this? Watch how he drinks water and sleep in bed.

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His mom pours water in a glass for him and he drinks like a boss. And sleeps in his bed like he owns everything.

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We would rather call this cute little kitten a “PAWrfect Human”.

Miru is almost two months old but he is learning fast, his meal timings, his poopy timings, sleep schedule, cuddle mood, everything he does is well-mannered. And if he doesn’t like something, he makes sure that you understand it and never offer the silly thing to him ever again. Say no to Lemonade!

The way this cute kitten falls asleep is so beautiful and a good video to watch if you don’t feel like sleeping. Yawn with baby Miru and doze off!

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It’s not the Miru alone who learn human things fast; According to an pet animal survey, Cats learn faster to keep a bond with its ‘Hooman Master’ so that their master feed them more and more. The cat intentionally tries to be as cute as it can be, so that ‘Hooman’ can fall for it and treat its pet cat as its priority.

If you’re a pet lover, especially a cat lover, you definitely know what we are talking about. 😉 Pat Your Pet!

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Watch How This Cute Kitten Hating On Things It Dislikes- So Adorable!

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