Watch How This Girl Absolutely Nailed The Make Up Prank- He Looks Beautiful!


Earlier this month we shared a video of a girl doing make up of her boyfriend while he was asleep; the video went viral on social media, spreading lots of smiles and laughs. Following that hilarious but cute prank, somebody else also tried doing the same and now we are confused who nailed the sleeping-make up prank the BEST!

@Breevnnv , a girl on twitter posted a collection of her funny Snapchat stories in which she shows herself doing fabulous make up of a man who was sleeping. The tweet attached video instantly caught attention of the thousands of people and now it’s been featured by 9gag as well.

She first started the make up doing his eyebrows and to our shock, she gets his eyebrows on fleek. The kind of eyebrows y’all girls call ‘Goals’.


Then she starts doing his eye make up- shiny golden eye shadow with perfect wink eye liner suits his sleepy face. But it looks like the girl just don’t wanna keep anything out to make her sleeping beauty look absolutely gorgeous, so she put beautiful eye-lashes on his eyes to complete the perfect eye-look.

Funny how he’s sleeping through all the process of his transformation into a sleeping beauty. Well, we glad he did! The end product looks completely worth it.


After getting done with his eyes, she started on contouring his face; First the concealer to hide his dark circle and other ‘Manly’ blemishes, then she puts shiny highlighter on the sides of his cheeks to enhance the glow of his face.

Now she moves to his lips and starts outlining them beautifully while he is sleeping. It’s kind of strange that he kept sleeping through the entire thing and didn’t even feel anything. But some people do sleep deep, guess he is also one of them.

Upon working on his lips, she realizes that he has got another thing to work on, his beard and mustache!

But it isn’t a hard job for a girl who can turn messy eyebrows into perfect on-point eyebrows. She starts fixing the beard of the man and it definitely looks better now.

But then suddenly something really funny happens, Man finally feels something fishy is going on and he says, “I can’t open my eyes, did you glue them together?”, suddenly giggles and laughs in the background totally wake him up and that’s when he witnesses the epic change in him.

The ending of the story is all cute as it looks like the family totally enjoyed the make up prank session and we are sure that it will keep getting them laughter fits every time they revive the memory of this prank.

The entire story itself was a fun to watch with the good music list of the girl played in the background of the story and the epic make-up tutorial shown step by step.

If you enjoyed this, you should check out the similar story of this girl showing her fabulous make-up skills by doing it on his boyfriend’s face and that too while he was deeply asleep.

You Won’t Believe What This Girl Did To Her Boyfriend While He Was Asleep

But he didn’t wake up all chill, laughing like this nice man though!


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Watch How This Girl Absolutely Nailed The Make Up Prank- He Looks Beautiful!

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