This Baby Has A Cutest Way Of Waking Up Every Morning

Internet is going all awww with this epic dose of cuteness starring a happy little baby named Kaden.

Remember those days when moms used to tightly swaddle their babies in covers, so you could get to could hold them without being flabbergasted? Most babies today cry when they are introduced to swaddling, however, this cutie makes it obvious by his morning routine that he absolutely loves it.
You won’t believe how this video got viral.

The baby’s father, Kent Siri, who is a 34 y/o marketing advisor from Boston, says his boy Kaden has one strong reflex—he tends to wake up a hell of a lot when he isn’t all wrapped and swaddled up.

Siri first started capturing his little one’s morning routine after noticing his cycle of moves soon as he is unwrapped from his sleeping sack. Upon asking how the idea of a video came around, Siri explained that every single time Kaden was unwrapped from his sleep or nap, his arms would automatically pop up like a spring.
When Siri and his wife Tara, shared the first video with their friends and family, they got an amazing response. On his iPhone, Siri started recording his baby’s waking up routines. In the background, he played freedom songs and clips as a joke and it turned out addictingly hysterical.

Moving forward, Siri made supercuts of every time he removed his son’s swaddle covers and posted them online.

Siri first posted the video showing a compiled version of “Waking Up With Kaden” on his Facebook on March 31st. It wasn’t long after, when the video got tons of likes and was shared all across the world. Then, Omg! The couple was overwhelmed as they saw he internet explode and this is how the hashtag #WakingUpWithKaden started trending everywhere!

Since after then, people simply can’t stop themselves from playing and sharing this video. The little man’s sleepy marathon has now shockingly crossed 5.6 million Facebook views (and counting).
Siri shared his joy by making a Facebook page, with the name of “KPtheBaby,” Check it out to see how Siri is happily sharing all the news coverage that’s being thrown to his cute K-Man.
Recently, upon facing a little amount of backlash in the comments about how cruel a father he is, Siri took to Facebook once again and answered back via this comment:

“I thought I’d provide some clarity since there seems to be some back and forth on our swaddling the little man. First and foremost, he loves it! It provides him comfort and security when he sleeps. As many clinical professionals have already attested in the comments, swaddling is still very much a pediatrician-recommended method for soothing babies when they sleep. So long as the baby is not rolling over himself / herself, it’s completely safe. Kaden has a strong startle reflex, also known as the Moro Reflex. This causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up. Since we started swaddling him, he sleeps much better and he loves it. Hope this helps clarify things!”

Anyways, never mind the haters—just shake it off! If you want to follow Kaden for more adorable videos on Instagram, do it right away. He is even on Snapchat with the username @KPtheBaby.
Kaden, who is only just 5 months’ old, also has his own dedicated YouTube channel that features his endearing activities exclusively. His father, on the other hand, is absolutely delighted to have his little bundle of joy become an internet sensation within a week.


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This Baby Has A Cutest Way Of Waking Up Every Morning

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