Watch What Happens When You Put Samsung S8 In a Unicorn Frappuccino And Drop It From 100 Ft Above

Today, team ViralVideosLab is excited to show you a crazy viral video that answers a thrilling question for you: What happens if you stick a Samsung Galaxy S8 in a Unicorn Frappuccino and drop it from 100 feet above?

The answer you are looking for: IT WILL SURVIVE LIKE A BAWSE!

There you are, now you know it. All hail to this YouTube channel called “GizmoSlip”.

In the clip, two guys completely submerge an S8, the latest one in its series, inside Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino and drop it from one hundred feet above the ground. Lucky for the S8, and for the guys, it’s still working! All the damage done is that the phone is now a bit slimy, with all that multicolor unicorn cream.

The Unicorn Frappuccino is a recently released special drink by Starbucks, which is world-famous for its unique and blended drinks. It’s a treat holding a blended creamy beverage, along with pink powder and mango syrup. To spice it up, the coffee company used a layer of sour bluish drizzle. A topping of vanilla flavored whipped cream and pink and blue sprinkle powder does the magic.

A week ago, a YouTube channel, “” also did an S8 drop test. This one was more daring and risky in many terms because the height from where it was dropped was said to be 1000 feet above!

The channel’s description reads they love to do durability reviews and this one was extreme to test how much can the Samsung S8 put up with.

In this clip, it’s evident that the video maker’s S8 is alive, and he can still use it. However, the back glass is fully cracked (obviously because hey, look at the distance—one thousand feet above the ground level). Because of that, the back camera isn’t functional. Other than that, the 1000 ft drop did nothing, because the owner happily admits he can still make calls, send messages and do all his regular stuff.

In another video, a guy wanted to see and compare both iPhone 7 and Samsung S8 to see which one survives a 5-6 feet deep water test.

In terms of waterproof abilities, the S8 came out to be a huge winner, compared to the iPhone 7, which was a huge disappointment for all the apple fans. After S8 won this round, the vlogger went one step ahead and decided to jump with it into the river. Sure enough, that’s what he did, and shockingly, the S8 even won this one. The owner ended up recording his dive inside water with swag.

More and more YouTubers are testing the durability of the new Samsung S8, and surprisingly, the results are not disappointing them either. Video makers try to do all sorts of shocking pranks and tests, including fire tests, water tests, drop tests and damage tests in order to excite and flame up their social media followers. A majority of the internet users, on the other hand, love watching these kind of videos, all the while thinking such guys to be crazy to try such a challenge.

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Watch What Happens When You Put Samsung S8 In a Unicorn Frappuccino And Drop It From 100 Ft Above

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