Watching This Man Sliding Into A Deep Water Hole Will Make Your Heart Sink

Watch how this man slides into a dangerous looking deep water pool and came out just fine. Though he is not the only one, many adventure seekers are now adding this awesome place on their travel list where you can dive and swim into natural plunge pools located in Colombia.

The Quebrada Las Gachas is one of the nature’s masterpieces on earth. The red river in Guadalupe has natural plunge holes that are now being used as pools by the tourists.

This river may look scary to the people with weak hearts but once you’re done with your first slide, all your fear fades away and excitement takes over.

Picture credits: Colombia Travel

Water flows over the red rocks of the river and the natural wells become pool which are safe to dip into deep. The slippery rocks gives you the fun ride of slide directly into your pool. There are many small or large natural wells but all of them are safe and no incident of drowning or any kind of injury has been reported so far.

This place is a natural treasure and beautiful sight for tourists. But to reach over there, you need to hike 2.5 miles from the town up to the mountains from where the rivers flows. But It is worth it since you won’t be feeling like coming back from such a fun and beautiful place.

The hike brings another adventure of witnessing one of the most beautiful natural sceneries on earth. Andes Mountains on the way shows breath taking views of greenery, waterfalls, beautiful sky full of stars at night and whatnot.

But it’s sad how we humans are so careless taking the preservation of nature. According to a recent report, there was tons of garbage found on the sides of the red river. People come, visit, enjoy and leave their trash behind. These beautiful natural places are treasure of earth that we need to take care of otherwise they’ll be ruined sooner or later.




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Watching This Man Sliding Into A Deep Water Hole Will Make Your Heart Sink

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