Wendy’s Is Giving This Guy An Year Of Free Nuggets In Exchange Of 18 Million Retweets

The all-fun side of Twitter is having a good time with a guy who’s seeking 18 Million Retweets on one of his tweets, in order to win free one year supply of Nuggets from “Wendy’s”.

Earlier this month, A guy named Carter Wilkerson, @carterjwm on Twitter, tweeted to Wendy’s official account asking the amount of retweets he needs to win an year of free supply of chicken nuggets. It wasn’t such a big deal until the @Wendy’s actually replied to him mentioning the amount of retweets that can get the guys his nuggs. And that’s where the fun begins.

Funny how the guy replied confidently saying “Consider it done” on a number as huge as 18 Million. But amazingly, the entire twitter started hitting on Retweet button to show support to the guy. Not just random twitter account, but certified accounts as well helped the guy getting his nuggs, retweeted and spread the word.

The tweet has now received 1.2 Million retweets so far but the number is still growing insanely fast, which is indeed awesome. The current record of receiving highest retweets in the history of twitter goes to Ellen DeGeneres with the number 3.3 Million.

But we aren’t sure if Ellen will be able to keep the position any longer as the number of Retweets keep growing on Carter’s tweet.

Wendy’s underestimated Carter and his struggle to win free chicken nuggets and now they are hooked too..

According to the survey conducted by CBS news, there are total 974 Million Twitter accounts existing, but more than half of it are inactive. But even if 5% of that amount of people notice Carter and his struggle for Nuggets, Wendy’s will have to surrender.

Some people are trying to negotiate with Wendy’s to lower the amount of Retweets but Wendy’s replied them to wait and see what happens. The quest for chicken nuggets is ON by Carter and people, including Wendy’s are also enjoy the scene and waiting the guy to win it.

Some people called it a great marketing stunt played by someone from Wendy’s own people but we can’t exactly tell if it’s true or not, because this trend of exchanging retweets is going viral these days on twitter. While some are asking out girls, some just want their nuggs!


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Wendy’s Is Giving This Guy An Year Of Free Nuggets In Exchange Of 18 Million Retweets

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