What Made This Chinese Man Marry a Robot?

Zheng Jiajia, a 31 years old Chinese Artificial Intelligence Engineer constructed a robot last year and named it Yingying. Growing exhausted by the pressure of getting married and not being able to find his suitable human match, Zheng decided to marry his self-made robot. Zheng said that he became tired of constantly being nagged by his family, so after ‘dating’ the robot for just after about two months he finally put on a black suit in order to get ‘married’ to her. The ceremony took place at the weekend and was attended by Zheng’s mother and friends, in the eastern city of Hangzhou.

While the authorities do not have much of the event’s coverage, there are pictures that depict a red cloth adorned over Yingying’s head, showing that the matrimonial union contained all the traditional trappings of a typical Chinese wedding.
Another pre-wedding image shows Zheng lifting Yingying up, later stating that she weighs 30kgs,’ a little heavy”.

A friend who attended the wedding articulated to Qianjiang Evening News that his friend Zheng was heartbroken at university and that his decision of marrying a robot was because of his family’s pressure regard to marriage. But Zheng upon hearing this denied, claiming that his friend was just kidding since to him marriage is not a joke.

About Yingying
The robotic wife, Yingying, for now can speak and read only a few Chinese characters and images, but the Engineer Zheng has already planned to give his “bride” an update, so that she can walk and do routine chores of household.

About Zheng
Zheng Jiajia is a graduate of 2011 batch from Zhejiang University, and holds a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence. He made ‘Yingying’ during the university years and even won a National Competition by making a robotic machine that could play football. The AI Expert formerly worked at Huawei- a Chinese smartphone company, until he had to quit the firm in 2014 for focusing on his startup project, building Yingying- the female robot that he later decided to marry.

People’s Reaction
The Chinese community gave this union a mixed reaction. There were mocking comments found on social media upon the subject, but a lot of folks are still wondering if this is just a publicity stunt.

  1. One of the user on a famous media commented: “You won’t have her mother looking down on you, you don’t have the pressure to buy a home and you get to save money and energy”
  2. Another exclaimed: “He’ll slowly get old, his face will become wrinkled and his hair will grow white – but will he upgrade her to grow old, or just to be prettier?”

Marriages with Robots in the Future

The experts have shown an interest in the subject matter and have warned the community about the robot-human relationships gaining popularity in the coming years.

  • One of the researchers claims that in the coming 25 years, humans will start marrying robots. In addition to this, human intimacy with robots will be more pleasurable, compared to that with other human beings.
  • Dr. David Levy, a London-based writer of the book ‘Love and Sex with Robots says that with the advancing technology and AI, humans will be more attracted to robots than to their human counterparts.
  • Another study revealed that an almost overwhelming majority of men under study confessed that they would purchase a sex robot.
  • Robots outsmarted humans by defeating in a football game in RoboCup, 2016.

There have always been stories surrounding us that in the future humans will get replaced by robots. This is one startling fact that is already starting to show its evidences, most notably
in China’s restaurants, where most of the human waiters have been substituted by automated machines.

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What Made This Chinese Man Marry a Robot?

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